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how to take black cohosh to induce labor

how to take black cohosh to induce labor

It has been part of the Native American culture to use black cohosh to treat many conditions in women. Menopause control, menstrual stomach bloating and cramps are a few of them. The techniques on how to take black cohosh to induce labor have also been mastered by the people in the central and eastern part of the United States. This natural method must be preserved for the generations to come for healthy living – now that natural ways of doing things are becoming unpopular. Although there are still midwives and herbal doctors using black cohosh in inducing labor for near term or overdue pregnancies, this is no longer practiced in most hospitals. It is believed that the natural substance triggers the ripening of the cervix that leads to full contractions needed for labor. Let’s go through the tips below for a trouble-free labor with black cohosh:

  1. As is the case with formulated medicines, you can also overdose on herbs. It is safer to seek the advice of an experienced midwife or medical practitioner regarding your plan of taking the herbal inducer – especially if you never have done it before.


  2. The administration of black cohosh must be done only after 37 weeks of pregnancy. Regular dosages start from five drops of black cohosh solution to a cup of tea or water – at least once or twice daily. Observe any cervical changes for a week. If there are none, increase the amount of black cohosh to 10 drops at two cups per day. Only when you have reached the 38th week of gestation can you take a 500 milligram black cohosh capsule three times a day.

  3. Only with the aid and approval of a midwife or medical professional, apply 15 drops of black cohosh liquid under your tongue on an hourly basis.

  4. Remember not to take black cohosh before reaching the 37th week of gestation. This can result in premature birth, which has some serious implications to your baby’s health.

  5. Uterine contractions are more likely when using black cohosh. Hormonally-related conditions are sensitive to these changes and can increase the risk of miscarriage. The effects are not clear but it’s better to stay safe when circumstances are unsure.

  6. Seizures, fluctuating heartbeats and visual problems can result from large intakes of black cohosh. On top of that, it can also damage the liver when the administration is improper. If you feel nauseated or experience vomiting, have indigestion and suffer from headaches or have gained weight and experience low blood pressure, you are being affected by some of the side effects of black cohosh.

  7. Do not combine black cohosh treatment with other substances or medicines. Bugbane, sheng ma, white banberry, cimicifuga foetida and blue cohosh are the natural substances that must be avoided when taking black cohosh. They can implicate the nervous system of the baby. Black cohosh is not for people with aspirin allergies.

Methods of how to take black cohosh to induce labor must be discussed with the doctor.  During the absence of a physician, a qualified midwife will do. Since labor contractions will naturally come when the baby is ready to be born, inducing the birth by any means must be carefully studied. There might be an over-soaking of the fetus if it remains in water for more than nine months. Aside from the wrinkled skin, the danger is when bowel movement occurs inside the stomach, which is toxic for the mother.


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