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How to Take Care of a 3 Week-Old Kitten

How to Take Care of a 3 Week-Old Kitten

Three-week-old kittens can eat some solid food, and their motor abilities are quite reliable. They can easily grow up to be the usual, sociable cats without too many complications if given the chance to have a home. If you are willing enough to adopt one, learn how to take care of a 3 week-old kitten by reading through these suggestions:

  1. A kitten that becomes motherless at three weeks old is not at any higher risk compared to younger kittens. However, it does still need some caring for from a mother figure despite being orphaned. A human being can very well take care of a kitten at this age just like its mother. Alternative methods will be good enough to sustain the poor, little kitten. Be a mother to it and it will be okay.

  2. Mother cats teach their young to facilitate activities of daily living like moving its bowels. As the substitute for the mother cat, you can use a dampened cloth to stroke the nerve endings at the kitten’s anus. If you do this at the same time daily with the matching litter box, you are teaching it how to move its bowels at the proper place.


  3. The kitten’s area must be secluded and well-ventilated as well as kept warm at all times. Use a heating pad or hot water bottle to achieve the right room temperature for your new pet. If you don’t have these items, just wrap a warm towel around it at night.

  4. Stray cats may survive just by eating any food that may come their way, but your three-week-old kitten must be provided with special food because it has now become domesticated, and its instinct to fight for food is not as strong as those who live outdoors. Feed your kitten with kitten-formulated foods. Feed it at least four times a day. Start with a wet or moistened food mixture for easy digestion.

  5. Add a small portion of dry food in its feeding area apart from its regular feeding schedule. This is to train the kitten to eat on its own and to expose it to normal cat food. If it refuses to eat, prepare a food mixture that can pass through a medicine dropper or through a syringe. Force-feed it at least every four hours but do not give it more than it can take.

  6. Resort to homemade food recipes for the kitten if it does not have any appetite with what you’re feeding it. Cut lean beef into fine pieces. Add in water and bring it to a boil. Then continue to simmer it until the meat is tender. Let the freshly cooked beef broth cool down. The kitten doesn’t have to eat the pieces of meat. The broth itself is very nourishing. So make sure the kitten will be able to drink plenty of it.

  7. Eliminate any fleas manually if you see some from the kitten’s body. You can scrape them off the kitten with a fine comb or just pick them off with your fingers. It’s not advisable to give the kitten a bath yet or spray it with an anti-flea substance. You can do this when it is a bit older and stronger.

How to take care of a three-week-old kitten is workable if your desire is to let the kitten live a happy and comfortable life to become very strong. You can always bring it to the vet if you see signs of sickness. You can also plan ahead if you are going to let it get spayed or neutered when it reaches the right age as per the veterinarian’s recommendations.


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