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How to Take Care of a Cat

How to Take Care of a Cat

Cats are definitely the most common household pets. They are very lovable as they interact with humans especially when you have won their trust already. Having a pet cat may be very enjoyable, but it means making an effort to learn how to take care of a cat and actually applying it on a daily basis.  Here are important suggestions:

  1. Maintain a clean living space for your pet cat. If possible, disinfect the area and keep it warm. This will keep them away from common feral diseases or infections.  Make it a point to put a litter box where they can defecate regularly. This should always be kept clean. You can wipe your cat with a warm, dampened cloth when they are dirty especially at their anal area. If you have noticed, mother cats lick this area as part of grooming and for stimulation, so you may be required to wipe this area to help your cat.

  2. Have your pet cat checked by a veterinarian regularly especially when you see something unusual like sneezing, which is a characteristic of an upper respiratory disease.

    eing constantly thirsty, a loss of appetite, and urinating more often than usual are also some warning symptoms. It is best to be cautious to avoid any infection or disease to affect their good health. Also, ask your vet to administer the needed vaccinations for added protection.

  3. Play with your pet cat regularly.  They need the exercise, and this will be an excellent bonding time for both of you. Just make sure to trim their sharp claws when they are unaware or sleeping so that they will be safe to play with. Allow them to get rough playing with a toy. You can improvise by making a ball of cloth that you can throw for your cat to chase. Your cat will enjoy jumping over it, scratching, and biting it just for the sake of playing.

  4. Feeding is a very important aspect in caring for your pet cat. Be careful with what you feed them. Ask your vet for suggestions for foods appropriate for its age. If possible, make the cat’s meal yourself using whatever ingredients you have from the grocery store like ground beef, chicken, or tuna. For variety, you can also give your cat raw food. When they are left in the wild, they hunt for their prey. So it is in their nature to eat raw meat.

    Certainly, a home-cooked meal is more nutritious than those available commercially, but make sure you don’t put ingredients in the food that are harmful to them like onions.  If you really prefer to buy their food from pet shops, make sure it is fresh and without mold. During mealtime always put a bowl of fresh water beside your cat’s food. Proper hydration is important to make them feel comfortable.

  5. When your cats reach seven years old, they are now considered senior cats.  Now is the time you have to be more careful about their feeding and overall well-being.  Older cats are prone to diseases, so it is best to see the vet more often if they are acting strange. Make sure your senior cat is not fed with more than what it needs as overweight cats can develop diabetes which is harder to treat. Administer medication when needed.

How to take care of a cat can be inspiring. Your chores for them easily become part of your routine as you want your dear pet to have the best of everything and to stay healthy for a long life. Caring for a cat entails additional expenses too, so make sure you can afford the extra expenses, and you will never regret it.


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