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How to Take Care of a Kitten Without a Mother

How to Take Care of a Kitten Without a Mother

Taking over the care of kittens in the absence of the mother cat requires a lot of effort, time, and patience. It is very challenging and perhaps more difficult than taking care of newborn babies. Kittens are very dependent on their mothers during the first eight weeks of their lives when it comes to feeding, warmth, and care. Having said that, there are simple ways and how to take care of a kitten without a mother:

  1. See if you can find a substitute mother for the newborn kittens who has a few kittens itself. It can adopt your newfound kittens and care for them like they’re its own. If you cannot find one, then they will be left in your care.

  2. It is best to have a veterinarian examine the condition of the young kittens right away. He can prescribe the suggested feeding diet for the newborn kittens. He’s the right person to tell you the age of these cute little creatures so you can give them the necessary feeding and care for such an age group. Day-old kittens need to be fed using a milk replacement formula or goat’s milk.

    ever use cow’s milk as it will cause them to have diarrhea and stomach disorders. Use a dropper or a milk bottle with a small rubber or silicone nipple. Test the release of the milk.  It should drip out slowly so they won’t get choked.

  3. Prepare a place for the kittens to stay and keep it warm with a heating pad or improvise with a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel. But make sure there is available space for the kittens to move away from the source of heat in case they find it to be too warm. Keep the kittens’ living area clean at all times. Dirty surroundings can cause them to contract diseases or infections which are very detrimental to their health at this early stage.

  4. At four weeks old, you can already introduce the litter box to them and teach them hygienic ways to eliminate their wastes and good behaviors. Make sure it is low enough to allow them to get in. It may take some time for them to practice this, but they will definitely learn. Always keep this litter box clean. After the kittens have defecated, clean their anal area with a cloth soaked in warm water. If other parts of their bodies also get dirty, wipe them as well with a warm, moistened cloth. You can also give them a brief, warm bath if necessary. Be sure to dry them thoroughly afterwards.

  5. Make sure the kittens are weaned from the replacement milk as they get older. Try introducing canned fish cat food first in a small quantity.  Lead the kittens to the bowl and put enough food there for all of them. This will make them get used to going where the bowl is when they get hungry. Never be without a bowl of fresh water next to the feeding bowl as cats need to be hydrated at all times.

  6. Spend some playtime with your young kittens when they already appear strong and healthy. If needed, cut the tips of their sharp claws to avoid being scratched when they are playing with you. Playing with them will bring you closer to them. They depend on you for almost everything they need, so their trust and love with their caretaker is developed at this time.

It is such an achievement when your little kittens grow up to be healthy pet cats, and it is a warm feeling when your kittens show their love and appreciation to you by recognizing you whenever you arrive home. Cats are faithful pets, and their good nature compensates for your efforts in learning how to take care of a kitten without a mother.


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