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How to Take Care of a Pregnant Cat

How to Take Care of a Pregnant Cat

The prospect of having new kittens in the house is a joyful thought for many cat owners. But before that special event happens, you need to take care of your pregnant cat and provide for all her needs. For many first-time cat owners, this might be a terrifying thought, especially if they have no idea what to do with a pregnant cat. Just like human beings, pregnant cats also experience morning sickness and changes in appetite. You need to learn how to work around these things in order to keep your cat’s pregnancy a healthy one. Here are some tips on how to take care of a pregnant cat:

  1. Confirm that your cat is pregnant. There are certain indicators that confirm your cat’s pregnancy. For example, you will notice that her nipples are “pinking up;” that is, they become pink and enlarged during the third week of pregnancy. At four weeks, you will notice that your cat has gained weight, and her baby bump becomes visible. To make sure that your cat is pregnant, take her to the vet around her third to fourth week of pregnancy. The vet will be able to feel the kittens during abdomen palpation, but do not attempt to do this on your own as it might cause a miscarriage.

    kittens’ heartbeats can also be detected through ultrasound at the fourth week of pregnancy.

  2. Supply your cat with ample food. Good nutrition is important for a pregnant cat, especially since she is now eating for the kittens in her womb. You can feed your cat with normal canned cat food, but you should change her diet to canned kitten food during the last three to four weeks of pregnancy because it contains a high amount of protein and calcium. You should increase the amount of food that you give to your pregnant cat as her pregnancy progresses.

  3. Provide a comfortable shelter for your cat. Before your cat delivers, you should prepare a bed for her where she can give birth to her kittens. A simple, clean box will do. This box should be lined with soft towels or blankets and should be low enough so that she can easily get in and out of it. It should also be placed in a quiet location that your cat can easily find. It is possible that your cat will find another location to give birth to her kittens other than the box you have prepared for her, so pet your cat there every day to get her to become comfortable with her box. If your cat gives birth in another location, you can transfer the kittens to the box once they’re delivered.

  4. Watch out for danger sings. Once the time comes for your cat to give birth, all you need to do is watch her closely. She can deliver the kittens all on her own, but just in case you see the following warning signs, you should take your cat to the vet immediately:

    a: Your cat is having contractions but has not passed a kitten within 15-20 minutes.

    b: More than two hours has passed in between delivering kittens.

    c: A part of the placenta or fetus is protruding from the vulva, yet your cat does not deliver within two minutes.

    d: Your cat passes a foul-smelling discharge after giving birth.

Keep in mind that you should not breed your cat just for the fun of it or simply because you want to have new kittens. Only expert breeders with a wide range of knowledge on breeding cats should do this. But just in case you suddenly find your cat pregnant, learning how to take care of a pregnant cat will help ensure that your cat and her kittens stay healthy for the duration of the pregnancy. 


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