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How to Take Care of a Rottweiler Puppy

How to Take Care of a Rottweiler Puppy

The Rottweiler is a wonderful breed that many breeders consider the ultimate “man’s best friend.” This bear-like dog is such a loving and faithful pet to its adoptive family. The fact that they can live for more than 10 years when properly cared for should inspire their owners to do more for them. This article will give you an idea of how to take care of a Rottweiler puppy:

  1. Spend more time researching online and reading books about Rottweiler breeds. This must be the first step to consider before you plan to raise a young Rottweiler. You can easily deal with one if you understand its nature.

  2. Be certain to choose the best breed. You may attend some dog shows and deal only with registered breeders. This is how you can get a glimpse of the best kinds. It is important to check out the traits, temperament and bloodline when buying one. There are lots of irresponsible breeders who won’t hesitate in selling defective dogs to you.

  3. Take the dog to the veterinarian for proper medical assessment.

    edical check-up is one of the essential factors to consider in taking care of a Rottweiler. Be committed to following the vet’s advice and recommendations. A Rottweiler needs to be de-wormed every three months, and it needs as much flea protection as possible. There are some diseases that the breed is prone to, such as elbow and hip dysplasia, arthritis and possibly heart problems.

  4. Complete its vaccination series. Take your puppy to the vet’s clinic for vaccination purposes. Always keep its record book and constantly check its schedule. These vaccines will ensure your puppy is protected from extensive diseases.

  5. Undergo grooming sessions as needed. Make sure to set up a grooming routine for your puppy. Buy some necessary grooming materials like shampoo, a hair brush and clippers. This should not be a hassle because a Rottweiler is a very low maintenance pet. Bathe it and brush its coat only as needed. Its coat usually sheds two times each year. You may also trim its nails every three weeks.

  6. Teach the young puppy to love its crate while implementing housebreaking rules. Start crating your puppy as soon as it becomes a family pet. Bear in mind that puppies have a hard time controlling their bladders. Set up a schedule so the dog gets used to routine potty breaks. It is easier to potty train a puppy when you confine it to its crate to prevent it from messing around the house.

  7. Set a daily schedule for exercise and outdoor activities. A Rottweiler needs to get along with people and other dogs. Set aside 20 minutes daily for outdoor activities like walking and playing to get your pet socialized with its new community. You may need a soft leash to protect your hand from discomfort while the dog is running. In the same manner, take the opportunity to teach it basic commands and discipline. Ensure that you have some thrilling treats for it as rewards for good behavior.

  8. Sustain your young Rottweiler with nutritious dog food. As young as it is, provide your puppy with high quality dog foods. Make sure that you give it sufficient water, especially during its outdoor activities. Avoid over-feeding it because a fat and overweight dog is prone to heart problems.

These strategies on how to care of a Rottweiler puppy are not as hard as they may seem. Just follow them and don’t be surprised if you enjoy them too.


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