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How to Take Care of a Stray Cat

How to Take Care of a Stray Cat

Stray cats are noted to be fierce and unruly. These are just the traits they needed to survive out in the open. Their begging for food might irritate you, but if you don’t want them to linger in your area, ignoring them is the best strategy. Once you start to feed them, expect them to keep on coming back for more. How to take care of a stray cat might come to mind if you happen to like one of the stray cats at your door step. You can make it your own by doing the right things first:

  1. Make sure to report the find at the animal center just in case it has an owner desperately trying to find it. Also hang up a notice in the neighborhood’s bulletin board about the cat that is now in your possession. If the cat you found on the streets seems tamed, tidy and friendly it might just be a run-away cat. Protect yourself from being accused of hiding somebody else’s pet.

  2. Once you’ve decided to be the new owner of the cat and there seems to be no objections, let it be examined by a veterinarian. You do not want the cat to bring infectious diseases into your home.

    also don’t want a pet that is infested with parasites. There might be a need to neuter or treat the cat for any condition. You have a choice to make use of the services provided by the local animal control center or get recommendations for an affordable veterinarian.

  3. Get the immediate needs for your cat. Avail both dry and wet cat foods based on the age of the cat. You also should organize its litter box so that your dwelling will not be that messy. Equip yourself with all the tools that can make your responsibilities more manageable, like having a scooper, litter box that is large enough not to have spilling, treated or natural litter and designated food and water containers.

  4. Treats and toys are appreciated by cats but they are more inclined to get to know you first. Use these things in playing with your cat. Nothing can be as soothing as a warm and gentle stroke from its master. Give it time to adjust and do not surprise it with sudden grips and pats. It will not take a long time for a cat to be able to be comfortable around a very kind person.

  5. If you already have existing cats, place the new cat in a safe corner. Remember that cats are very territorial animals – they would not want any other cat to invade their territory. Keep it at a distance first until they get used to each other’s smell. There may be some chaotic encounters at first but time will force them to live with each other’s company. Never provoke your old cat by bringing the new cat near it. You might get hurt by doing so.

You are an admirable person if you ever think of how to take care of a stray cat. You might just be trying to help at first, but you’ll come to realize later on that the stray cat is also helping you to become a better person. You’ll learn to be more compassionate, kind and loving with cats around. People who take care of them will never get lonely.


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