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How to Take Care of a Toy Poodle

How to Take Care of a Toy Poodle

A toy poodle makes a lovely pet, especially if you have children at home.  They are very friendly, playful and meek. This breed of dog has a long lifespan - about 16 to 18 years, so it is important to keep them healthy. They can really eat as they have good appetites. They love treats too, so prepare or buy some, especially during training. Study these various ways on how to take care of a toy poodle:

  1. Proper grooming is a must for toy poodles. They have long flocks that you can trim if necessary. Cut the hair that covers their eyes, excess hair on their ears and the hair that surrounds their behind.  Maintaining the hair will make them more lovable. It will also keep parasites away.

  2. Give your toy poodle a bath when it gets dirty. Use a dog shampoo that is mild along with conditioners so it will be easy for you to brush its hair later. Dilute everything with water to evenly distribute it on its body. Be careful not to put shampoo on its eyes. Keep baths short so it won’t feel cold and get the chance to catch any upper respiratory diseases.

    ry it out with a warm towel and dry the hair some more with a hair dryer before brushing. You can even give it a hairdo if you have the talent in hairdressing.

  3. Wipe out mucus from its eyes with a warm damp cloth to soften hardened masses. Do this every time you see a formation of mucus at the corner of its eyes. When this dries up, it will be difficult for your pet to open its eyes.

  4. Give your toy poodle a healthy diet. It is necessary to maintain its good health so that it can live longer without spending too much on medications or hospitalization. Make it a habit to have your pet toy poodle see a veterinarian regularly for proper monitoring of its health condition. First signs that something is abnormal or that your toy poodle is in pain should not be ignored.

  5. Toy poodles will love to have companions all the time. It is not wise to keep them alone. They would love to sleep beside their master and are good for cuddles. You can also provide a bed for it and train it to sleep there. Keep it warm and clean all the time. Teach it basic training. It will be more fun and easier to keep well-trained dogs. This breed has no problem with mingling with your other pets as they are quite sociable.

  6. Cut its nails regularly to keep you and your children away from harm when it tends to be playful and rough. It is easier to do this while the dog is sleeping. Careful not to hurt it so it will not resist the next time you have to cut its nails.

You can be artistic on how to take care of a toy poodle. They are really dependent on their master for their total well-being. They are indoor dogs, but a little walk in the sunshine will keep them more active and healthy. It will be nice to walk around with them as they look cute and are easy to manage.  It is a big advantage if you have disciplined and trained them already.


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