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How to Take Care of Goats

How to Take Care of Goats

Goats are one of the best sources of good nutritious and fresh-from-the-farm milk, as well as expensive, yet quality meat. Although this kind of farm animal does not require much attention, it is still important to know and understand ways on how to take care of goats. As a responsible goat breeder, there are specific goat needs that you have to fulfill. You cannot just let them strive for themselves in the field.  Devote your time in caring for your goats and use these guidelines to help you in accomplishing the task.

  1. Provide a comfortable home in your backyard or farm. The goats must have a secure place they can call their home, where they can rest and nurture their young. Air circulation must be flowing freely in and out of the shelter, and the shelter should protect them from all sorts of weather conditions. Make the pen large enough to accommodate the number of goats you have and their sizes. Keep the area clean.

  2. Feeds and water are necessary to their growth. Carefully selected hay and goat feeds must be provided to ensure the health and well-being of goats.

    The hays that you intend to feed to your goat must not touch the ground because molds may form in them. Other feeds can be given as hay substitutes; however, consult the local veterinarian in your area when unsure of what goat feed will be best for your goats. Provide adequate water in a clean bucket.

  3. Veterinarian visits. Goats, like other animals, need to be checked by a licensed vet regularly to guarantee their health. Constant monitoring of the state of a pregnant goat is needed until she has given birth to her young.

    Make sure that the vet you consult specializes in large animals. Most vets tend to be more devoted to smaller animals and pets like dogs and cats. Do not hesitate to contact him if you have questions regarding the proper care of your goats.

  4. Fence their pens securely. Aside from their shelter, goats need a pen. However, you have to make sure that their play pen is safe and secured and that no other animals like dogs can get inside. Put a high fence around the pen to prevent goats from jumping out, especially if no one is around the area to keep an eye on them. You may lose the goats or they might get into trouble if they are able to jump out. In the event that you lose a goat because of improper fencing, do not chase after him; instead, offer him food and he will eventually come back to you.

  5. Give your goats a little trim once in a while. The hooves and coats of the goats need to be trimmed once every month to allow re-growth and to keep away unwanted pests and infections. Trimming, a good bath and brushing are all part of the goats’ daily grooming process.

How take care of goats can be a pretty easy task. It can also be fun, especially as you see them grow. Give them basic attention and provide for their needs and you will go a long way.


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