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How To Take Pictures With Web Camera

How To Take Pictures With Web Camera

As the popular song line goes, “a picture paints a thousand words.” Pictures serve as reflections of the past to be preserved and cherished forever. Previously, pictures could only be taken using a still camera. But with the technological revolution, pictures can now be taken using video-camera equipment and computer webcams. To be able to use the latest photo technology, it is wise to learn how to take pictures with a web camera. While some computer models have built-in webcam technology, there are also a few that do not have this feature. If your unit has no web camera embedded in it, a separate webcam device can be attached to the USB port of the central processing unit (CPU). Whether the webcam is built in or not, it cannot automatically operate without installing the necessary software to make it run. Once your computer and webcam are all set, you can start taking as many pictures as you like by following the steps below.

  1. Turn on your computer and set up the webcam accessory. If you have a separate webcam device, place it on the top-front of the computer monitor and connect the webcam’s USB cable to one of the USB ports of the computer’s central processing unit (CPU).

  2. Make sure your webcam software is available. You can download this from the internet, usually free of charge. If you have an internet connection, start looking for free webcam software online and download it. However, notice that most webcam devices offered for sale in computer accessories shop items are bundled with the corresponding software.

    If you are using a laptop or notebook, it probably has built-in web camera technology. Simply go to the Start menu, look for the webcam file and click to open it.

  3. Install the webcam software. Insert the software CD/DVD, or double-click the downloaded installer file. Once the software starts to run, just follow and click on the commands given by the webcam installer software. Once the installation is completed, you can now use your webcam whenever you like.

  4. Activate your webcam program. Once the webcam is properly installed, go to the webcam file by clicking the Start menu and then click all programs. Look for the webcam file and click on it.

    To have easy access of your webcam file, you can create a shortcut on the desktop for easier access. With just one double-click on the webcam icon right on the desktop, your webcam automatically activates.

  5. Take your pictures. Once your webcam is activated, your face will appear on the webcam screen. That simply indicates that you have properly installed the software. Position yourself on the webcam screen and click on the still camera icon or whichever icon your software uses to permit you to take a still picture.

  6. Save your pictures. Once you have taken your pictures, look for the Save icon and click on it. Select a folder in which you wish save your pictures. After that, you can do many things to enjoy your photos; send some to your friends or use a few as your desktop screensaver.

Webcam video-camera technology is a very important and complements the use of computers and the internet. Webcams can be used, not only for taking photos, but also for talking to other people face-to-face in real time. Unlike previously, most people can now talk to their families, located in the other parts of the world, irrespective of the distance, via the internet and with the use of webcams. As long as you closely follow the steps on how to take pictures with a web camera, you will never go wrong. Save and keep your picture files, or develop or print them, so that as time goes by you will always have some memories to look back on. Start taking your photos now. Include your friends too.


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