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how to talk to a woman

how to talk to a woman

Many guys find it difficult in understanding how to talk to a woman, especially when the woman they are dealing with is somewhat sophisticated, smart, and intelligent. But should you continue fearing when it comes to talking to women? The answer is “no.” As long as you know what to do and how to do it, you will never commit the common mistakes when talking to a woman. Here’s how:

  1. Disconnect first to get connected. If you are having a hard time getting her attention, stop looking at her. The best approach is to disconnect yourself by letting her feel that you really don’t care about her presence. Make it appear that she doesn’t really matter at all, and she is mistaken to think that you like her. In that way, she’ll initiate moves to get your attention. When that happens, counter it by getting in her way or staying near to her until you get to say your first “Hi.”

  2. Be a gentleman. First impressions can last a lifetime. If she finds that you are a gentleman, that’s a good start to get to know her more.

    rs and pull out a chair for her. These simple gestures will make her feel that she is safe with you; that she doesn’t have to stay on guard all throughout the conversation.

  3. Express sincere appreciation. Women in general are happy when they are appreciated by the people around them. Thus, you should learn how to express appropriate compliments. If her hair is shining and stunning, or you find her dress attractive, let her know. If she walks nicely and her legs are beautiful, appreciate them. Ladies love it when they receive compliments regarding their physical attributes.

    However, it doesn’t have to be a physical emphasis all the time. If you know she has a good voice and she sings well, just say “Your voice is very unique, and you simply amazed everyone in the crowd.” If she is good in composing poems, ask her about her sources of inspiration when writing. Mind you, there are so many good things that you can tell about what you’ve noticed in her.

  4. Show a good sense of humor. Women are easily attracted to men who have a good sense of humor. As you talk, try to make her feel light by making her laugh. If she talks fast, tease her about it. When you are able to laugh together, that increases your chances to get to know her more deeply.

  5. Stay humble. Should you brag about your car? Should you tell her how you got your job, or how you won a competition? The answer is “no.” If you don’t want to turn her off, keep your humility. Don’t open a topic that talks about you. However, if she asks things about you, be honest in answering. Supply only the answers needed without elaborating further. In that way, she’ll find you very unassuming.

  6. Say “Thank you.” If there is anything sincere you want to tell her, look her directly in the eyes and express yourself. Statements like: “Thank you for coming  tonight” or “I am so thankful that you came” must be expressed genuinely.

  7. Don’t make advances. Women are most irritated with men who are extremely assuming and arrogant. Don’t hold her hand if you feel she is not yet comfortable with your company. Should you kiss her? The answer is, “it depends.” If she maintains a distance while you are talking, that’s another way of telling you “You can’t kiss me.” But if she starts to lean on your shoulder without any provocation, that’s another way of saying “You can kiss me.”

How to talk to a woman can be challenging in a way that you fear being rejected. You have to overcome that fear, or else you will never get to know the woman you like. It is important that you stay humble and natural. Make it a habit to talk to a few ladies every day until you are able to build your confidence.


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