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How to Tame a Cockatiel

How to Tame a Cockatiel

How to tame a cockatiel will require some consistent actions during the initial stages of owning the cockatiel. Any bird can be resistant to the changes around it. It needs to be pacified, assured and treated well by new owners so that it will respond in a very pleasant way. The following procedures are noted to be helpful:

  1. Let the cockatiel get used to your presence by spending some time with it regularly. Talking softly to it and being around it for at least 20 minutes a day can do the job. After it is used to the new setting, allow it to roam around the house or let it get out of its cage. Do not chase or be drastic in getting hold of it when it’s time to go back to the cage.

  2. Stock up on some bird treats to be able to win its trust during the crucial early stages of getting to know each other. Bird seeds, nuts, spray millet and cheerios are some examples of these treats. Lure the bird using these birdy favorites until you manage to get a hold of it. Make it feel safe by offering your hand for it to eat the treats on.


  3. One thing that you can do to make the taming methods more manageable is to cut a primary part of the cockatiel’s wings. This will stop the bird from being rebellious. It will have no choice but to be obedient because it can’t fly that high anymore. As long as you limit the trimmings on the primary parts of the wings, this is not painful to the bird. Refer to an illustration of the bird’s wings so that you can avoid cutting the wrong parts. Don’t worry; even if you happen to cut all its feathers, it can still navigate according to what is left. It is much better to clip all the primary parts of the wings to have better control – because cockatiels are robust fliers.

  4. If you push the bird’s chest gently with your finger, it will rest its claws into your hands. This is a sign that your bird is becoming more trusting toward you. Muscular reflexes must also have something to do with it, but a bird that remains aloof to your existence will not easily permit itself to be hold tightly to you.

  5. Be firm in your commands to your cockatiel. Firmly say “no” or “don’t do that” when it does naughty things, such as making droppings in inappropriate places or biting and chasing people.

There’s no short cut on how to tame a cockatiel. Give your new pet and yourself enough time to adjust to each other. Cockatiels are wonderful creatures that are capable of returning the positive feelings you invest into them.


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