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How to Tame a Feral Cat

How to Tame a Feral Cat

Feral cats are the hardest to keep. It takes a lot of patience, energy, and effort to raise them. Make it a goal to tame them and to help them get used to you and your household members. Soon you will see that they are not anymore as aloof and wild as before. Don’t expect them to be compliant when you go near them. Forcing the issue will make them not trust you, and they will be more scared of you. It is then important that you study how to tame a feral cat before taking care of one.  Here are some pointers:

  1. Once you have the cat in your care, prepare a cave-like hiding place for it in a very secure room that is warm and dry.  Make sure there is no way for it to escape as feral cats are scared, and their first instinct is to run away. The hiding place is like a safe haven for it. Make sure you keep your distance from its safe place to help it relax.

  2. Prepare food just outside its territory with water along with it.  You cannot expect the wild cat to come out of its hiding place with you around at this moment, so leave and let it feel alone without any threat from anyone.

    ce we are bigger than they are, they think we are there to harm them.  This is the situation in the wild where bigger creatures are more overpowering and prey on them for food.

  3. Be consistent on bringing in food and water for your feral cat. Make the same noise while preparing it just outside its hiding place. It gets familiar with the noise and will understand that you are there to bring it food every time it hears the same sound. Also, it will soon realize that you don’t mean it harm.  On the contrary, you are there to provide it with food. It is good to give the feral cat just the minimal amount of food so that it will be hungry the next time you come to its new home.  If you think your feral cat is more relaxed now, stay in the room quietly but with a considerable distance from its hiding place and its food and water.

  4. When the cat feels its hunger pangs and knows there is food just near its hiding place, it will attempt to come out. Just stay still when you see it. Its being able to be out and eat with you around is already an achievement. Just do not move or make jerky movements that might scare it. It is okay to make a soothing sound like talking to your wild cat. Give it a name that you can call it every time you spot it. It will soon get used to it.

  5. Make slow advances. When your feral cat can eat with you around, proceed with getting closer to it. Touch it gently on its back and stroke its fur gently while it’s eating. It is recommended to be alert when you do this because it might have an impulsive reaction and accidentally harm you with its sharp claws. You can also protect yourself by wearing gloves.  Do not give up when the cat responds defensively. It is just within its nature to do so.

  6. When your cat is finally used to your touch, try picking it up and letting it rest on your lap. Gently stroke it for a short while and put it down near its hiding place. For the first few times, it might rush to return to its hiding place, but eventually it will take its time as it doesn’t consider you a threat anymore.

Making your feral cat get used to you is a fulfilling achievement. Soon you cannot even tell that it used to be a feral cat. It will become tamed like any other household pet. So it is really important for you to know how to tame a feral cat. This is quite taxing but very rewarding in the end.


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