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How to Tame a Parakeet

How to Tame a Parakeet

You must be a very patient and gentle person to be able to tame a parakeet, or at least you can pretend to be one. How to tame a parakeet does not require professional training. If you really like your pet, it’s natural to be kind and gentle with it. You may have to make some adjustments as far as your movements are concerned – but it should not be that much of an effort. Here are more tricks:

  1. Help the parakeet to develop trust in you. Drastic actions will surely scare your new pet, so, as soon as you take it home, be aware of the way you interact with it. Speak softly and put your hand inside the cage gently when delivering food. It might initially react by flying all around the cage but don’t be distracted. Just continue to modify your ways to be as gentle as possible. It won’t be long before it gets used to you.

  2. Treating your parakeet like a family member must be the ultimate goal in trying to get close to it. Giving the assurance that you are there to take care of it is a big thing.

    is only possible when you can get very close to it without making it feel threatened. Use a millet spray to make your intentions known. They love to eat this food but will only put their guard down when trust is earned. Do not withdraw your hand immediately when placing the millet spray. If it remains distant, leave the millet spray overnight to let it enjoy it without your presence, remembering that you placed it there. Just clear it up the next day when feeding the parakeet.

  3. Once your parakeet is already used to eating a millet spray from your hand, offer your finger for it to step on to reach higher parts of the millet spray. When a parakeet is keen on resting on your finger, it will get the impression that you would like it to step on your finger every time you offer your finger, whatever the purpose may be.

  4. Do not only give millet spray as treats for your parakeet. Try also fruits and vegetables or whatever is commonly found in your household that is edible enough for parakeets. Treating the parakeet as a family member includes sharing food stuff with family members.

  5. Like people, parakeets have different characters. Get to know it so that you can handle it better. The parakeet, on the other hand, will also be able to adapt to the culture of your household as time passes. It can be very playful, naughty or well-behaved around family members, depending on how it feels. It can also just react to your actions. So, if you want it to behave a certain way, trigger it by doing the actions that you know will result in the desired reactions.

How to tame a parakeet is not just challenging but you will certainly have fun with it. If you really like birds, you will immediately fall in love with your parakeet as soon as it shows trust in you. It will indeed be tamed not just in front of you, but also to the rest of the family members who interact with it on a daily basis.


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