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How to Tame a Parrot

How to Tame a Parrot

A parrot has natural ways of showing his affection and love for his human companion. The bird relieves you of stress and prevents the occurrence of depression and other related physical and mental conditions. However, you need to learn how to tame a parrot first before you can fully enjoy your pet bird and the benefits he can bring. Some parrots can be aggressive and will avoid any contact at all cost.  This is the reason why this task may take time and caution, but it can be enjoyable and fun for the both of you as training and taming progresses. Taming a bird needs to be exercised with patience, while showing him your love and care. Here are some tips you can use to successfully tame your pet parrot:

  1. Ensure that the bird is comfortable with you and its living environment. A bird which shows aggressiveness is not comfortable at all. Gain the trust of your pet bird and make him comfortable with your presence by spending time beside his cage and talking to your bird like you would to a real person. There are quite a few things you can do with your bird, like feeding it straight from your palm or placing food in its mouth with your fingers.


  2. Teach your bird to ‘step-up’ on your finger. Take the bird out of his cage and bring him to a secure place that is free of distraction. Remind yourself that you are larger than the bird, so you need to make sure that your hands are firm and strong enough that you do not make him fall.

    For the first try, put your fingers directly in front of his chest then lift it up quickly. This will prevent him from biting your hand. Interchange your hands and repeatedly say ‘step up’ so he will follow your command. Do not show the bird any reaction when you get nipped during the first few tries.

  3. Quickly yet lightly give your bird a touch at different parts of his body. This exercise will give you and your pet friend some bonding and play time. Other pet owners call this the ‘gotcha ya’ game, where you lightly touch the bird without him getting a chance to nip at you. Let him know that you are starting the game and that you are nearing him already and while you do that, speak to him like you would to a real playmate.

  4. Continue on with the game in a slightly different manner. You can go on with playing the game with your pet by placing your hand on specific parts of the body for a few seconds. Let him know which parts you are touching. Say for example, you want to gives his back a little pat or you want to touch his wings or feet. These exercises will let him know that you are boss and that you are in charge.

    After going through a few minutes of the ‘gotcha ya’ and touching games, you may want to hold your bird close to you and give him a little hug, scratch and a kiss. Take caution when doing this as not all birds enjoy being hugged and held.

  5. Gain the trust of the bird. A little scratch on the back of his head will be good for him to trust you. Another way of earning the trust of your pet friend is by laying him on top of his cage and rolling him over just a little bit until his feet are clinging on your fingers. Then slowly lift him up and play with his beak while he is in an upside down position.

Remember that your pet bird loves to have social interaction with you, so just let her be. This is part of learning and discovering how to tame a parrot, which can be fun and relaxing.


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