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How to Tame a Wild Kitten

How to Tame a Wild Kitten

Most wild cats hide their kittens and let them out only when they are a bit older. The problem is that these cats have never seen human beings and are not used to human activities. The first impulse for them is to get scared and run away. If this is the case for you, then learn how to tame a wild kitten, and if you succeed, you can make it your pet. Read on for some relevant suggestions:

  1. Food is very enticing to wild kittens. Obviously they are hungry, and the first smell of food will be very inviting for them. Use canned cat food made of fish to start with. Scoop the contents out with a spoon and go near to the wild kitten. It will not resist the smell of food and will start to lick the spoon. Steady your hand until the spoon is completely clean. You can add some more if you think the kitten still needs more. This first encounter is very pleasant and will make the wild kitten think that you can’t be that bad at all. Feeding is an act of kindness and will easily tame it to want to go near you.

  2. Touch the kitten as soon as it allows you to.

    Do not force the issue if it shows signs of resentment. Wild kittens with their impulsive movements can cause you to get hurt. Just be very careful and make another attempt when you think the kitten has relaxed. You can touch it while it is busy eating the food you gave it.

  3. You can already start to give your wild kitten a warm place to stay. A makeshift bed in an empty box is fine. Just put in some old, dry cloths to keep it warm. You can also put in a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel to give it more warmth if you don’t have a warming pad.

  4. Early on you can teach the kitten some discipline by putting in a litter box after feeding it. It might be able to accomplish this after several attempts. Just be patient and keep it cleaned up every time it is done. Sure, it means more effort, but it will keep its environment clean, and it will not be prone to diseases if you help.

  5. The wild mother may come after its wild kitten again. This is just the cat’s instincts, but it would definitely be disappointing when its mother teaches it to hunt as there is a chance the kitten will get lost and be harmed. Even if a kitten is wild, it does not necessarily mean it can survive in the outdoors. It needs care until it gets older, bigger, and stronger. So it is much better to keep it indoors in the meantime. It is also perfectly fine to have the mother cat around for nursing especially if it is still very young.

  6. As wild cats easily multiply in number, you can give some away to your neighbors and friends that you cannot take care of by yourself.  They might want a new pet, and it will be much easier for them as you have already tamed the wild kitten. But definitely, a visit to the veterinarian will be necessary to determine that the wild kitten is free from any diseases, infections, or parasites.

Knowing how to tame a wild kitten when done properly is very rewarding.  You’ll be delighted when a wild kitten slowly gets used to your presence, touch, and care. Your efforts will definitely pay off, and it will develop trust and love for you very soon.


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