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How to Tame Feral Kittens

How to Tame Feral Kittens

Methods for how to tame feral kittens are easier than taming full-grown feral cats. Kittens don’t have much strength yet and therefore do not pose much harm. Kittens are helpless without their mother, so take this opportunity to take the mother’s place in caring for them. This will make them dependent on you for food and care.  Here are some pointers:

  1. Make a cat box that is warm and comfortable in a room that is free from exits except for the door that you can always keep closed. Put in your feral kittens here and let them get used to their living space. Always keep this area clean and warm.

  2. Leave food behind in a low bowl along with clean water. For very young kittens, choose the canned kitten food to start with. The smell of the food will entice them to go near the feeding bowl. In the first instances, they will hesitate and always be ready to run, but eventually they will feel relaxed and just aim for the food and water. Just leave a small quantity each time but do it more often.

  3. Observe the kittens and slowly make gentle moves to go near them.

    is best to do this while they are busy feeding. Touch and stroke them on the back gently. Do not be discouraged if they offer some resistance during the first few instances. It is best to do this by yourself first. Do not let other household members go near the feral kittens in the meantime.

  4. As soon as the feral kittens are comfortable with your presence and your touch, you can proceed with picking them up and putting them on your lap while you stroke them. In the beginning, they will show a desire to jump down. Just continue with your efforts and do not let them jump as they might not be strong enough yet and can be injured.

  5. Progress will be observed in a matter of time so be more patient with feral kittens. When they are used to your feeding and presence already, introduce them to the litter box. Discipline them with this. Make sure it is low enough to make it easy for the small kittens to get inside for defecating. Keep this litter box clean all the time for the next use.

  6. Slowly introduce playtime with your young kittens. This will make them closer to you. You can improvise toys that you and your kittens can play with together. Moving their tiny bodies is a form of exercise which is very healthy for them.

  7. Bring them in for a checkup with the vet to monitor their health and medications, if needed. Administer the medications to them as gently as possible to reduce their resistance. Ask for proper feeding options as they grow bigger. Each age has different dietary needs, so it is important to make changes when needed. It is also good to give a variety of food each time so they won’t get bored with eating the same thing every day.

Caring for your tamed feral kittens will cost you money, time, and effort. This is all worth it when they reciprocate their affection for your love and care. Cats make good household pets as they are very warm and show love in return in a variety of ways like: being playful with you, clinging to you, and showing their attachment to you in their own ways. It is really important to learn how to tame feral kittens. Soon there will be no more wild kittens around that are facing so many risks of not surviving.


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