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How to Tan Faster in a Tanning Bed

How to Tan Faster in a Tanning Bed

You don’t have to wait for the summer in order to get tan. You can even get a tan without exposing yourself to a single ray of the sun. This is made possible through the use of tanning beds, which is a faster way to tan, compared to laying out in the sun. With a tanning bed, you don’t have to stay out in the sun for hours on end. Just go to a tanning salon, and the moment you come out of it, you will have already achieved the tan that you want. Taking care of your skin is important if you want to be able to tan faster in a tanning bed. Here are some tips for what to do before and after tanning in order to know how to tan faster in a tanning bed:

  1. Exfoliate before tanning. Keep in mind that dead skin cells are hard to tan. Therefore, you should exfoliate your skin the night before your visit to a tanning bed. Shower and use an exfoliating scrub to remove your dead skin cells. This will allow you to get a faster and more even tan.

  2. Shave your legs before tanning. Leg hair slightly interferes with tanning, so don’t be surprised if, when you tan before shaving, your legs look a little paler than the rest of your body.

    you are not planning to shave your legs at all, that is fine since your tan won’t be too noticeable. However, shaving your legs immediately after tanning will remove your tan.

  3. Use a tan accelerator lotion. Before you expose yourself to a tanning bed, you can apply a tan accelerator lotion to your whole body. This will speed up the process of skin darkening, thus helping you achieve a faster tan. It works just like an outdoor tanning lotion. If you want to have an extra glow, you can choose tan accelerator lotions that contain bronzer.

  4. Apply moisturizer on your skin. Moisturizing will help protect your skin against the harsh effects of tanning. Keep in mind that the only difference between a tanning bed and outdoor tanning is that the former happens in a controlled environment. However, you are still being exposed to heat and light, which can be detrimental to your skin. Aside from protecting your skin, moisturizing before and after tanning will help you get tan faster and prevent dry skin. Use something that contains vitamin E.

  5. Use a more lighted tanning bed. Tanning salons might have different models of tanning beds, and some tanning beds might have more light bulbs than others. Choose a tanning bed that has more light bulbs in order to get a faster tan. In addition, you can request the bed that has the newest bulbs.

  6. Schedule several tanning appointments. Logically speaking, the more that you expose yourself to a tanning bed, the faster you will achieve your desired tan. One session of tanning will not do, since the time that you spend in a tanning bed is limited. Instead, schedule appointments at least three times a week or every other day to achieve a faster tan. Frequent visits also mean faster tanning.

Now that you know how to tan faster in a tanning bed, you have to keep in mind that you should always prioritize your skin safety. That is why you need to use moisturizers before and after tanning, as well as limit the hours you spend inside a tanning bed. After making sure that your skin is healthy, you can try different fast tanning techniques and choose the ones that work best for you.


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