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How to Teach a Dog to Play Dead

How to Teach a Dog to Play Dead

Knowing how to teach your dog new tricks requires your patience, time and effort.  There are simple and basic tricks, but there are also complicated and unusual tricks for your dog to learn.  Would you believe you can also learn how to teach a dog to play dead? This can be useful in extraordinary circumstances, and of course really fun to watch.  Dog tricks always provide excellent entertainment for visitors and your household members. Here is how to do it:

  1. Allow your dog to exercise first for five to ten minutes by playing with it and letting it run around. This is to release its energy and make it a bit tired.

  2. Let your dog relax and take it easy.  Gently pet its back while saying relaxing words.  This allows your dog to cool down and ease its nerves and senses. Choose a place that is without disturbances, such as noisy people and other pets. It’s acceptable to have an audience member or two who will keep quiet and praise your dog when it shows some improvement.

  3. Directly point your finger towards your dog and say “bang” in a very loud voice.

    ur pet that you want it to lie down, roll over and remain steady for a short while. Repeat if necessary and let it do it by itself.

  4. Assist your pet by using your hand.  When you say “bang,” let it lie down, roll over and keep it still.  If your dog has a tendency to roll over again, put your hand on its belly and let it stay that way for a bit.  Keeping it steady for a few seconds or even a minute is ideal. Repeat the exercise but don’t assist the dog this time.

  5. Whenever your pet shows some improvement, even if it’s still not perfect, give it a treat. Repeat the trick again. If it improves, give it some more treats with a pat on the shoulder and words of praise.  Your pet will just love to show off again and again, and it will master the trick in no time. Repetition is very important.

  6. Not all pets can easily learn this trick, so be patient if your pet’s progress is a bit slow. Never give up. Repeat the trick each day or several times each day so your pet will not forget it.  This trick is good to show off when you have visitors in the house.  It is simply cute and fun to watch.  This makes your pet dog look smart and adorable.  You will be the envy of other pet owners if you are able to teach your pet difficult tricks such as this. This can also sharpen the dog’s mind by keeping it alert.

Learning how to teach a dog to play dead is exceptionally special.  It just requires a lot of your patience and perseverance.  Maintain a very friendly relationship with your pet dog to ensure its eagerness for various activities – whether the activities involve play time, going for a walk or learning new tricks.  This is a talent that will be really entertaining for everybody in your household and visitors as well. Teach your dog to be smart and sociable, and you will maintain a healthy and successful relationship.


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