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How to Teach a Dog to Roll Over

How to Teach a Dog to Roll Over

An intelligent breed of dog can easily learn different tricks. One of the most common tricks a dog can do is roll over. The other tricks you can easily teach your dog is to ‘paw shake’ which is hand shaking in humans and ‘high five.’ There are techniques you can use to learn how to teach a dog to roll over. Remember that each dog is different. It is necessary that you treat and approach the dog in a comfortable manner. This varies from dog to dog. Here are a few tips on how you can teach them to roll over.

  1. Consider your dog’s attention span. As much as you will want for your dog to learn the trick instantly, this is not going to happen. Training him the whole day to do a single trick will not get you anywhere and will only bore the dog. Training him step-by-step for at least five to 10 minutes twice a day, once in the morning and once again in the late afternoon.

  2. Teach him to go ‘down’ or ‘stay’ as the first step. A dog that is able to pick up easily will learn faster. However, this is not the case for all dogs.

    him through each step and allow him to start with the basics such as to sit or go down. You must be prepared to offer him a treat as he goes down but continue to monitor his progress. If needed, give his shoulders a light push downward and when he is already down, praise him and simultaneously hand him a treat.

  3. Command him to play dead. The next step the dog needs to learn once he is already down is to play dead or be ‘over’. You can use the commands ‘over ‘, ‘dead’, or ‘play dead.’ Help him in executing this by holding to his right or left as he lies on his back. Next gently push the opposite shoulder so he rolls over onto his side. Allow him to relax in that position for a few seconds while giving him another treat. Scratch his shoulders while giving him praise.

  4. Allow him to ‘roll over’. Your hand gesture can help in signaling your dog to roll over onto his back for a few times before getting back on his feet. When he does this successfully, give him another treat and praise him for his accomplishment. He may not get it correctly the first few tries, so you need to be patient and consistent. Bear with him as he learns the proper way to roll over perfectly without your help.

  5. Trainings should be fun. When training your dog to roll over or do tricks, he has to feel that you are enjoying the activity as well as he is. Let every training moment be as fun and creative as possible. You can use a toy or a treat during the training but stick to your chosen commands as changing them will only confuse your dog.

Dog tricks are entertaining and you will always want your dog to be able to perform them. Discover how to teach a dog to roll over and you and the people around you will surely adore your dog.


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