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How to Teach a Dog to Skateboard

How to Teach a Dog to Skateboard

If you are an avid skate boarder, you may be tempted to teach your dog to skateboard also. This is actually not impossible. There have been many dogs featured on television shows that were able to do this trick successfully. You will have to entice your dog and expose it to the equipment in order to learn how to teach a dog to skateboard. Follow these steps:

  1. Satisfy the curiosity of your dog by showing it the different parts of a skateboard. Let it sniff through the various sections of the skateboard. At a close distance, spin the wheels so the dog understands which parts move and how. Position the skateboard on the concrete floor and push and pull it with your hand to show the dog its navigational capability.

  2. Do not force the dog to ride the skateboard by putting its paws on it just yet. Just let it sit back and relax while watching you ride the skateboard. It has to get the idea that a skateboard is a device that it can hop onto to roam around. Once it understands, the dog will be more curious than fearful.

  3. Place your dog’s four paws onto the skateboard when it shows interest. Support it with your comforting words and reassuring pats as it settles on the skateboard. Do not let it move before establishing its balance on the device. Once you see it sitting or standing on top of it with delight, proceed to the next step.

  4. Push the skateboard thoroughly but smoothly so it can travel at least a short distance with the dog riding on it. Avoid drastic moves when you do this, so as not to scare the dog. Praise it more if it remains seated or standing on the board until it comes to a halt.

  5. Try giving the dog treats if it seems uncomfortable with standing on the board. Giving it treats will encourage it to please you more. Perform these exercises many times daily for the dog to get use to the skating exercises.

  6. Teach it to propel the skateboard by taking its back right paw off the board and bring it to push the ground for it to go forward.

  7. Repeat this exercise until it’s keen to navigate with the board using its own paw. It will try to perfect the routine when you are there to support it with all the good treats, affectionate gestures and encouraging praises.

  8. Never underestimate your dog because you will be surprised when it starts to ride the skateboard on its own. Do not be over-protective when you see it stumble and fall. As long as you are in a safe place, some bumps and crashes will not be harmful to your dog. Just don’t show that you are frightened and worried. Instead, inspire it with your positive attitude.

How to teach a dog to skateboard is not only interesting, but a worthwhile activity for you to pursue. Aside from having a great form of entertainment for your family and friends, it’s also life’s wonderful gift to have a companion that shares your hobby. Just don’t rush to teach your dog more challenging routines; it will show signs that it is ready to take up new tricks as you go along.


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