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How to Teach a Dog to Stay

How to Teach a Dog to Stay

Dog owners will have big problems when their dogs refuse to stay in place, regardless of commands. This is a basic obedience training step that is invaluable to dog owners. Therefore, don’t just master how to teach a dog to stay but continue training it after this basic command is perfected. Read on for more tips:

  1. Prepare yourself before training your dog. Have a clear understanding of the basics of dog training and discover effective ways of rewarding a dog. Once you think you have the right idea of when to reward your dog, it’s time to start the training.

  2. Praise the dog as long as it’s following your commands. Immediately after it sits after just one “stay” command, shower it with praises. Keep doing so until it starts protesting your commands. Give warning sounds such as “No, no, no” when its bum moves away from the floor. Resume praising it when it stays still again.

  3. Refrain from repeating the “stay” command when your dog is already at a standstill.

    the time for lots of praises to persuade it to maintain its position. Give warning sounds again when it attempts to rise and never forget to continue praising it when it sits still again.

  4. Be careful in giving rewards to your dog. You don’t want to distract it. It is disastrous to prompt your dog from its staying position just to get the treats from you as the reward for staying still. It will give the dog the wrong impression that you are happy with its ability to get up quickly, rather than it being able to stay. Make it a habit to simply walk over to the dog and personally give it the treat.

  5. Design various exercises wherein you can keep your dog’s bum on the floor while doing other activities. It can play with a toy or wait for you as you move away quickly to get something. If it remains grounded on the floor, make sure to reward it. By all means, do not let it stand up just to get the treats from you; you do not want to reverse the purpose of the training.

  6. Get your dog to focus on the “stay” command so that it won’t be distracted when doing the task. The most effective way of doing this is to teach your dog self-control. While it is in a staying position, entice it with some delicacies and new toys. Stand a bit further away while dropping the good stuff. When it shows that it is desperate to reach for them, grasp it gently with one hand holding its chest. Release the dog only when it has relaxed. Appreciate what it has done and give the command to go and get the prize.

How to teach a dog to stay longer will require a lot of practice. You can also challenge it more as it shows progress. You can make the distance wider between you and the dog while distracting it with your goodies. You can also drop them near your dog and see if it has the dignity to stay still. Reward it all the more when you are convinced that your dog has developed the self-control you’ve been aiming for.


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