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how to teach art lessons

how to teach art lessons

Why is art considered as a highly specialized subject by many educators? Basic art could still raise an eye brow if assigned to a non-creative teacher. Fundamental Math, English, Science and History are easily handled by parents who teach their home-schooling kids. Some will send their children to art classes in the neighborhood because they are not sure if they can provide the requirements needed by the children in this area. How to teach art lessons when you don’t have other choices but to do it yourself? The creativity of a child will not intimidate a teacher who does not have much experience in this subject matter when guided with practical tips and well-prepared lesson plans until the completion of the curriculum. The ability to express creative passions is helpful to the healthy development of a child’s emotions. You’ll be glad that you can be the ultimate supporter for your little one when developing his or her artistic ability. Once missed, you can never turn back time.

  1. Expose avid art learners to various art forms.

    e enthusiasm of your students to learn new things in the art arena will be very inspiring for you. You will forget that you had doubts in teaching them art in the first place. You can bring them to the wonders of painting, sculpting, and drawing. You can start with explaining painting techniques of notable painters recorded in history. You can demonstrate crafting or candle sculpting if you have explored these yourself.

  2. Highlight the importance of art appreciation and art history. We can always learn from our history. Manuscripts are preserved for us to know the mistakes and achievements of the past. This is not for us to copy but to be able to develop our own unique style. This is why appreciation for the distinctive traits of famous artists’ masterpieces are carefully described. This is to show that a person’s individuality is what makes our creations exceptional.

  3. Inspire students to create their own art work. It is understandable that you have the responsibility to guide students to develop their creative skills and talents but take note. They must have a free hand to create their own works-of-art. You would know that their creations are good when your main senses are satisfied if not pleased. The looks, feel, and even smell can affect the overall rating of the art work be it a painting, sculpture, or other forms of art work.

  4. Support hands-on art to develop their passion for drawing and painting. Many parents don’t want their children to get dirty. By doing so, you could hinder the development of your child in his or her talent in drawing or painting. Artists find pleasure in getting their hands dirty. Instead of being a kill-joy, prepare these materials for your next session, and you’ll be amazed with the joy that you can see in the eyes of your budding artist: Acrylics, Charcoal, Gauche, Inks, Pastel, Pencil, Oils, Watercolors, Brushes, Drawing paper, Canvas, and Watercolor paper.

There’s absolutely no excuse avoiding being a part of this very useful subject. Take it as your escape from your intellectual duties. Bring out the creativity in you and enjoy teaching art to your loved ones. You can always refer to the guidelines on how to teach art lessons when you get stuck somewhere. Nevertheless, it’s not a big offense to ask an art shop or another teacher to take your place if you think that it is better for the child or children. Just give it a try. Who knows? You might become the most cherished art teacher your students could ever have.


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