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how to teach art to children

how to teach art to children

What kids are taught should not be limited to English, math, and the sciences. Left brain development should also be given importance to enhance the creativity, imagination, self-expression, and abstract thinking skills of young minds. That’s why it’s also important for educators to know some smart ways to teach art to children.

  1. Exposing children to art is a good start. Introducing them to children’s book with illustrations is one way to do this. After reading and showing them the illustrations, you can start a discussion about how the illustrations helped them understand and imagine the events in the story.

  2. You can then proceed to showing them interesting art works. Limit it to simple works that they can relate to. This will differ depending on the age group. Encourage your students to share what they feel and think about the art work. Ask them questions, such as what they like or don’t like about it or what they think the work is about.

  3. Introduce them to the different arts like painting, architecture, sculpture, and drawing.

    s will give them an overview of all the types of art.

  4. Discuss what art means to them. Ask them to define what art is and what they think makes art. Afterwards, you can present them with a comprehensive definition and see how it compares to their observations.

  5. Let them make art. Choose an age appropriate activity where they can explore the different applications of art techniques. It can be drawing, painting, pottery, and more. Remember that the final output is not that important. The importance is enjoying the process and the techniques they used.

  6. Ask the children to describe the experience of making art. Ask them to be detailed, especially about the steps they took as well as challenges and inspiration.

  7. Remember to kindly give constructive criticism. They are children and not artists yet. Always show appreciation for their efforts so as to encourage them to do better the next time.

  8. Display all their works. It will give them a sense of pride in their work and perhaps motivation to do more and do better. This is also a good chance for them to learn the different techniques other students used so that they can learn from each other.

  9. Explore various types of art that they can do. Make sure that they are provided with a good variety of materials as well as inspiration to keep their interest. You can also assign a big class project that requires the use of various styles and techniques. It can be a year-end project so that they will have a goal as a class.

  10. Lastly, art should be fun. Make sure the kids are enjoying themselves while making art. Help them express themselves through art. It will have impact their lives and yours as well.

Art education is important in developing a well-rounded individual. You should be very proud that you know how to teach art to children. It’s fun, exciting, and fulfilling.


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