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How to Teach Dog Tricks

How to Teach Dog Tricks

Well trained dogs are always a joy to keep and watch.  Therefore, it is important to know how to teach dog tricks.  They can become a source of entertainment for your family members, friends and relatives when they come for a visit.  As dogs are normally pleasers, especially to their masters, so it will not be very hard to teach them tricks.  Here are some ideas you can apply during training:

  1. Be ready with treats, lots of praises and petting.  Dogs just love rewards, and they are good motivators for them to do well.  Just be careful not to give your dog too many treats as it might become overweight. Also, do not allow your dog to beg.  Treats are supposed to be rewards for a job well done.

  2. Start teaching your dog tricks while it is still young.  As soon as you obtain the dog, teach it the basics, like potty training and proper feeding.  Next, proceed with teaching it tricks.  Make the sessions the same time each day so the dog will look forward to the exercise and attention.

  3. Be consistent.

    ange the meaning of the commands.  Your other household members should also be aware of all the commands you teach to avoid confusing your dog. Teach simple commands to start with like “sit” and “jump.” As your dog becomes familiar with basic commands, move to other commands but still review the past lessons from time to time.

  4. Dogs have short attention spans, so make the training sessions short. 10 minutes is ideal. You can have a few sessions each day for your dog to learn faster. If you think you are not getting your dog’s attention, try changing things up a little. Your dog may have already gotten bored of your style.

  5. Make each session lively, happy and fun.  Dogs love it when their masters are happy. Never show negative emotions, such as anger, as they can easily absorb the emotions and become stubborn or frightened. Make the activity enjoyable for the both of you.

  6. Memory recall is important, so make sure you repeat each trick over and over again.  Don’t expect your dog to absorb it right away.  Not all dogs are the same - some are fast learners while others are slow.  Be patient and receptive to your dog’s needs and requirements.  Do not give up.  Your dog may still be adjusting to its new schedule or environment.

  7. Teaching dog tricks is a constant work in progress. Never stop as there are always new tricks to teach.  If you have no intention of joining competitions, there is no need to teach very complicated tricks like jumping through a burning ring or some circus-like move. Just stick with the basic ones and add some fancy tricks for private performances. Do not force your dog to train when it is not feeling well. Wait until it is in perfect shape and resume with the training.

Learning how to teach dog tricks is fun.  Make it a bonding moment for you and your pet dog. It will love to spend the time with you as a majority of dogs are attention seekers and pleasers.  Teach your dog to be sociable or at least not timid. This will certainly become an exciting form of household entertainment.


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