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how to teach English to adults

how to teach English to adults

English is a widely-used language around the world. Teaching English communication proficiency to adults will involve more conversational activities than theories. You can explore more on how to teach English to adults as your students become more advanced in communicating in English. Grammatical information will not be tackled in a detailed manner; instead, more verbal practices following the right structure of the English language are prioritized. Here is how:

  1. Plan your lessons according to the necessities of the phrases used on a daily basis. Note, however, your student’s English level. Common conversations like greetings, expressions of gratitude, common questions asked, directional requests, shopping inquiries, and driving assistance are useful during their stay in an English-speaking country.

  2. Use visual aids because they are effective learning tools. Images explain better than words. Don’t hesitate to point or search for the right props when needed. This will save you from a lot of trouble in bombarding your students with conversations that will just create confusion.

    ake conversations as simple as possible to be remembered easily. You won’t have to exert more effort in discussing things when you have the right materials.

  3. Explain orally together with body language. You will be better understood if you actually “laugh” when you are teaching them about “laughing too loud.” Imitate situations in soap operas and act it out with your students. Write down key words or prepare a printed script. Acting situations out with emotions can explain the most intimate feelings.

  4. Ask your students to write their own dialogues and act them out in front of the class. Ideal topics will be questions and answers while bargaining, attending to a sick person, trying to help a friend, and bidding farewell to friends. They will be exposed to translating their native tongue into English while doing this with their colleagues. You will also see clearly the cultural differences through their scripts.

  5. Create flashcards for words with images if you can’t find relevant materials for your lessons from the store. This is for vocabulary building. You can post these flashcards on the bulletin board so that they can’t easily forget. You can also advise students to take note of the correct spellings because there are many like-sounding words with different meanings.

  6. Let the student watch English movies. They can learn the right pronunciation as well by doing this. English subtitles can also be used when you want them to practice reading and understanding. This is very entertaining when you won’t have to rewind every now and then just to point out something. You can ask questions after finishing the movie to test their comprehension.

  7. Supply them with printed materials including workbooks to guide them through structuring their sentences following grammatically correct formats. They can review and practice more at home by doing some assignments. Correct the assignments and discuss with them the common mistakes made without mentioning the people who made them.

  8. Converse in English regularly with your students. Most students already have some theoretical background, but they are not exposed to the English-speaking community. Make sure to bridge this gap to make you worthy of their time. Offer some assistance by phone if the classes in person are not enough. Provide some reading materials also for their home use. Do a follow-up test on their reading by making them explain how they understood the story.

The protocol on how to teach English to adults is not as comprehensive as teaching English to children in grade school. Constant interactions with adult students are a must for them to learn how to speak English quickly. Close supervision is still needed to get the best results.


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