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how to teach music theory

how to teach music theory

There are those who just listen to music, there are musicians and performers, and then there are teachers. For educators, knowing how to teach music theory is crucial to a successful career. Teaching is not an easy task for anyone. The expectations are high. Your students will expect your full mastery of the subject and that you will impart your knowledge to them effectively. Asses yourself if you are qualified to teach music. Ask yourself, do I have ample knowledge and experience to teach this subject? Do I have the skills of a teacher to impart what I know? If your answer is yes, then read on. We have some tips to help you become an effective teacher.

  1. Look the part by dressing the part. Depending on the rules of the school, make sure that you dress appropriately. Look professional but stay comfortable.

  2. Teachers need to make sure that they speak loudly and clearly.

  3. Make lesson plans beforehand. A prepared and organized mind is more effective.

    Stick to your lesson plan, but also be flexible.

  4. Ensure the classroom is well-equipped with what you need to teach music theory. If budget permits, it’s good to have a few important musical instruments and audio and video equipment.

  5. Use various teaching methods instead of just lecturing. It has been proven that students retain theoretical ideas better when there is a practical or sensory aspect. For example. When teaching one of the basic knowledge like tone and pitch, it’s better to let them actually hear it from a musical instrument. The retention and appreciation is a lot better.

  6. Research new materials and resources. The academic world is always changing. So many things are being discovered and learned.

  7. Read, read, and read. Knowledge is very powerful. And as a teacher you should be well-read so that you stay well-informed about your subject matter.

  8. Teach your students in an organized manner. Start simple and build upon it. This means you should start with notation first. This includes staffs, clefs, key signatures, time signature, note types, rhythms, dynamics and meter. This should be followed by teaching harmony, chords, and scales.

  9. At the end of every topic, always review so the students can better retain what you have discussed.

Teaching is a hard profession, but keeping up with the best methods on how to teach music theory and the changing world of music ensures you succeed as an educator.


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