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how to teach music to children

how to teach music to children

It is indeed true that a home without music is like a body without a soul. The love of it must be nurtured from the start. Teach children music to help them through their afflictions in life. The basics on how to teach music to children involves the theoretical aspects and practical applications. Their personality will be enhanced once they are becoming skillful in the subject. They might find out that they are happier pursuing a degree in music later on as they equip themselves with the musical abilities needed in their chosen career path.    Here are steps on how to teach music to children:

  1. Be prepared with your musical prospectus. Start with a good selection of songs. Introduce them to notes, chords, and musical symbols. Choose an accompaniment that you can play like guitar, piano, or violin. You can’t miss capturing the amazement of children while watching you sing and play at the same time. They will only wish that they can also do it someday. To be able to play musical instruments is a talent that can be acquired through continuous learning by interested individuals.

  2. Emphasize the value of right timing. Singing even the simplest musical arrangement will not be good without proper timing. Rhythms, notes, and pauses are done following the counts indicated by the symbols. Counting can be more fun with matching claps and stomps just to make the beats more obvious. Drums can also be a good addition in your musical setting. This too can enhance rhythmic patterns.

  3. Show how melodies are created. Any musical arrangement is composed mainly of notes that dictate the tune of a song. Each note indicates how high or low the pitch may be at a certain count. Draw the different kinds of notes and explain the differences of each. Their appearance and placement dictate corresponding instructions that will allow you to sing the proper tune without hearing it beforehand.

  4. Explain how to read notes. Draw a graph with five lines and four spaces. Place whole notes that are drawn like circles in the graph following the “do, re, me, fa, so, la, ti, do” pattern. Proceed to the counts applied depending on the kind of notes. Whole notes have four counts. Half notes that are indicated with a tail have two counts. There are also single and quarter notes.

  5. Evaluate the performance of the children individually. There will always be children that will excel in music. They are often driven by their own passion in it or by the influence of other adults who are successful in that arena. They are normally gifted with the ability to grasp musical technicalities quicker than others. A golden voice will be a bonus though not a must at this stage.

  6. Continue teaching music to the next level or give recommendations to parents to enroll gifted children into music schools. Only musically-inclined teachers can have the eye and ear of a good mentor in this field. Experience and advance musical knowledge are needed to provide gifted children the opportunity to enhance their talents. You have already contributed to their early musical development now let the experts do the rest.

You do not have to be an accomplished musician or a music school graduate to learn how to teach music to children. Just know the basics, prepare, and explore more by researching further. Being an inspiration to the little ones is enough for them to find their way through. Do what you can for the time being and be ready to let go once the need for it arises. You can really be a great help if you can channel them to the most suitable musical learning outlet later on.


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