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how to teach music to preschoolers

how to teach music to preschoolers

Preschoolers can learn better how to speak and how to read, both in school and at home, if the teaching approach used on them is through singing. Essentially, if you know how to teach music to preschoolers, then their learning processes can be easier than teaching them in a very conventional way. After all, children are fun to sing with. Parents will really find it enjoyable teaching music to their children. Aside from that, singing together can nurture even more the parent-and-child relationship as well as a more natural way to build the bond more strongly. Though at first it may be difficult to get the child’s attention, as soon as the songs are getting interesting, the child’s interest will be totally captured. It is in this stage where the learning process becomes very pleasurable and something to look forward to every day. You don’t have to be a musician for you to become a music teacher for preschoolers. With simple demonstrations at the start, and as soon as the children start to move their bodies and use their unrefined voices, then they are ready to learn music.

help you do the job, let us discover below what are the teaching tips you can potentially adopt:

  1. Buy CDs and DVDs containing children’s songs. Playing preschoolers songs that can raise their interest and curiosity will lead them to sing. There are plenty of CDs and DVDs that features children’s songs. Some of these songs feature cartoon characters singing and dancing with the beat and the melody of the songs. For example, the Barney Collection Volume 5 and the Dora ABC, both on DVD, are good choices.

  2. Play a simple opening song at the start of every music session. An enjoyable welcome song is a good way to start the class. A greeting song will also be helpful. While singing the welcome or the greeting song, it is best to incorporate the names of the children in the lyrics. This will encourage shy students to participate and be responsive.

  3. Dance with the music and use facial expressions. Go with the rhythm and the flow of the music. Make your moves while you sing and use your facial expressions appropriately to entice the preschoolers to take part. You can clap together, hold their hands, and jump with them as you sing and dance. Always sing with a happy face.

  4. Give each child a music and rhythm stick. Tell them to repeat after you as you strike the sticks together in the air to go with the beat and the rhythm of the music. This is one good way to encourage the preschoolers to involve themselves and to try hard to sing even if they find it difficult to pronounce each word. In the long run, as you practice daily, the preschoolers will eventually know how to sing.

  5. Introduce a variety of types of music each day. During breaks and during relaxation time, play the radio, CD, or DVD. Just do not force the preschoolers to sing while they are having their break. Just allow them to hear the music without really listening. In that way, there will be no pressure on their part to learn the song.

  6. Play songs with short lyrics and word repetitions. You will notice that most children songs have fairly short and repetitive lyrics. The reason is that the children will not get bored with short and repetitive songs. One typical example is a song that calls for the attention of each child and requiring him or her to respond in the process.

  7. End the music class with a simple, quiet song. After every intense singing and dancing session with the boys and girls, culminate the class with a quiet and refreshing song. This will make them cool down and calm their minds as they proceed to their next class.

On one hand, doing the steps in how to teach music to preschoolers can be a little challenging. On the other hand, at the end of the day you will realize that the job is actually very rewarding. Always have a happy approach in teaching children to learn music. Don’t forget to keep smiling all the time.


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