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How to Teach your Bird to Talk

How to Teach your Bird to Talk

Birds are smart pets as well as beautiful in their appearance.  They can be used as an added attraction and a companion in your home because they can become interactive.  One can’t help but stop at a neighbor’s house every time their pet bird talks.  The strong and rich voice is just so appealing.  It is amazing not only to children, but also to adults.  Here are some pointers on how to teach your bird to talk:

  1. Immediately win the trust and love of your pet bird.  Do the feeding yourself regularly on the first few days.  Talk to your bird every time you are feeding or cleaning its cage so it can easily become accustomed and familiar with your voice. Make emphasis on words you want it to learn.

  2. When trying to teach your bird to talk, take it out of its cage first.  You can do your tutorial in a secluded room.  Show your bird some love by massaging its back or scratching its head.  Do this lightly; making sure the bird is not hurt or inconvenienced. Mention the word you want to teach again and again.

    ill have a tendency to mimic a sound that is quite familiar to it.

  3. Be patient and don’t give up easily.  If for a few days your bird is still not talking, don’t panic.  It might be that it is still feeling uncomfortable with its new home. It is also observing its environment and the people around it. You can be assured that the moment it gets accustomed and comfortable to its surroundings, it will start to talk.  Just make sure you bought a bird that is of a talking variety.

  4. Do not teach your bird too many words at the same time.  The tolerance level of your bird is not very high. Ten minutes per session is ideal. Every time you teach the bird a new word, repeat the other words it learned already so it won’t forget. Talk to your bird every time, giving emphasis on the words you want to teach.  Just start with very simple words and when you see the progress, proceed with simple phrases.

  5. Give rewards every time your bird learns a new word.  Try feeding it and patting its back gently. Birds need to feel appreciated in order to become more motivated to learn new words.

  6. Keep the bird’s cage and the environment clean at all times to avoid diseases.  It is a waste to have taught your bird how to talk and then end up losing it to a disease. They are quite fragile when it comes to this aspect, so ask your vet what you should do to prevent any disease. Consider having more than one pet bird, so your bird can interact with its partner when you are not around.

Having a bird at home is a joy, and it is a great feeling of achievement if you are able to motivate and teach your pet bird how to talk.  How to teach your bird to talk requires a lot of time and patience.  They may be smart creatures, but their tolerance level is not that high. Treat your pet as if it is part of your household.   Aside from being an added attraction, a bird can be your guard.  It can shout and caution you when safety is threatened.  It serves this purpose really well.


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