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How to Teach Your Dog Obedience

How to Teach Your Dog Obedience

A dog is a great companion because its behavior can be molded to suit the owner’s lifestyle. This makes learning how to teach your dog obedience important to dog owners. There cannot be harmony when the dog and its owner are struggling to get along on a daily basis. The dog must be able to adapt to its master, and in the same way, the master should understand where the dog is coming from. Remember the following when teaching the dog to obey you:

  1. Don’t go overboard with your dog. Know its nature and see what it’s capable of doing. It would be cruel to teach a tiny house dog strictly to be a high jumper. Showing negative actions to the dog when you are not satisfied with its performance can frustrate the dog a great deal. It will then learn to hate the training sessions. On the other hand, kindness and understanding beget respect.

  2. Start with the commands that are useful in everyday living. “Sit” and “stay” may be simple commands, but your household won’t be peaceful if your dog does not follow these demands.

    “out” or “heel” are also commands that you can’t do without – just be repetitive when introducing these commands. Say the name of the command even when your dog is doing a certain action simply out of habit.

  3. Discover what pleases your dog and use that as a reward when it is obedient to a certain command. Rewards do not always have to be in the form of food. Pamper it with affectionate gestures like belly rubs or shoulder massages. You can also spend quality play time with it after a major accomplishment. Nothing is more inspiring for dogs than these kinds of treats.

  4. Avoid raising your voice or causing physical harm to your dog just for the sake of disciplining it. It will just become rebellious. However, impose penalties to let it know that it has been very naughty. For example, don’t take your dog for its usual stroll through the park.

  5. Give it a satisfying meal after the training. It will get the impression that the training is a worthwhile event because it is always followed by a sumptuous meal. The regular meal in this case will become very special to the dog because it comes after exerting lots of effort to make the master happy. The activity will also make the dog hungry and normal foods will taste extra-special at that time.

  6. Avoid joking around by calling your dog enthusiastically for something that does not exist or anything that will cause its dismay. This can make it hesitant the next time you call it for obedience training. When it starts to ignore your commands, you will be the one to blame for its stubbornness.

Condition yourself when sorting out how to teach your dog obedience. Your dog may be pretending not to hear you or perhaps it just does not understand you sometimes, but it can clearly feel your emotional state. Refrain from training your dog when you are in a bad mood. It can’t help but feel that the activity is another sad or unpleasant task that it has to go through for quite some time. On good days, keep the trainings as short as possible, but return to them often.


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