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How to Teach your Parakeet Tricks

How to Teach your Parakeet Tricks

Parakeets are smart birds and they are capable of doing tricks aside from learning to mimic simple words and phrases.  They can easily outsmart other talking birds with these extra antics. But this can only happen if you know how to teach your parakeet tricks. It is a therapeutic activity for you, as well as a real challenge. Here are suggestions to help make it happen:

  1. Make your parakeet happy. Set an environment that is clean, friendly and full of caring people. Since parakeets are smart birds, they can easily determine if they are in good hands. They are sociable beings so it won’t take long for them to be interactive.  Always be cheerful when in front of parakeets so that they will adopt that positive trait of yours.

  2. Make the environment of your parakeet clean and healthy. A clean place can help it avoid diseases.  Daily droppings should be taken out of the cage and there should be a fresh supply of feeds in seeds or pallets regularly. Water should always be clean and fresh too.

  3. Start teaching simple tricks.

    plicated ones can wait until you are confident that your parakeet is really improving. You can use some gadgets like bird toys or maybe just a barbecue stick. Learn how to direct the parakeet. For example, if you want it to reach for the barbecue stick with its beak, stick it out and allow it to reach for it. Repeat over and over again.

  4. Be creative in teaching your bird tricks. Use toys as props. You can pull the toy a bit farther every time while your hand is gently pushing or coaxing it to walk on your command. Always repeat the instructions as often as you can. Memory recall is very important to teach your bird some tricks.

  5. Be selective on the tricks you want to teach your parakeet.  You can teach it to play basketball or bowling. Teaching it to wave, kiss or slide is also possible.  You need to acquire some gadgets to make it happen. Just make use of what’s available around you. You need not purchase expensive toys as what is important is your bird’s response to your command.

  6. Always say encouraging and appreciative words such as ‘good boy’ after your parakeet has perfected a trick. Give the reward every time. It can just be a vegetable or fruit bite or maybe feeds. Reward systems always work for them.

  7. Experiment on new tricks to teach. It can sharpen your bird’s ability and keep it from being bored.  They love attention, so spend time with your bird whenever you can. These pets are not good to keep if you just ignore them. Before getting one, make sure that your schedule allows constant interaction and sit down sessions with them.

Should you be successful in learning how to teach your parakeet tricks – you deserve a standing ovation. As their teacher and caretaker, you can explore other tricks and teach them more when time permits. You’ll be proud to have a talented bird that learned from you.


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