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How to Tell if a Cat is in Pain

How to Tell if a Cat is in Pain

Cats are sometimes very secretive. You will not know what they are up to or why they are acting in such a way. You must be a keen observer when it comes to your pet cat to make sure it is totally in good condition. Learn how to tell if a cat is in pain so you know how to help it with its condition. These are some valuable suggestions:

  1. Loss of appetite is definitely a sign that your cat is in pain. Even we humans will lose interest in food when we are in pain. Try to identify what is wrong with your cat and consult a veterinarian on how to cure it of its pain.

  2. Loss of weight should not be ignored, unless your cat is on a prescribed diet. Weight loss can mean that something is wrong internally. Shedding too much hair can be a sign that the cat is in pain too.

  3. When your cat shows signs of weakness and tends to just sleep a lot longer, there’s a big possibility that it is in pain. Check its body for some clues, especially around the dentures, stomach, abdomen or feet.

    If possible, bring it to a veterinarian right away. Most cats have a high tolerance to pain and you will only see the manifestations if the pain is already unbearable. Sometimes the situation is already irreversible by the time you find out.

  4. Sudden changes in behavior, such as being quieter than usual, hiding more often or refusing to play, are signs that your cat is in pain. It is imperative for you to take it to the vet right away. Administer the given medication as soon as possible. Not all situations are fatal, but immediate attention is needed to make sure your cat gets back to being healthy and active again.

  5. Sneezing, coughing and quivering are also signs of pain. Most cats will put up a front when you are around. They will not show their real pain. Before you know it, their suffering may become severe. A regular examination with your vet is recommended as a precautionary measure.

  6. Very slow movement is also an indication of pain. You may also be able to determine pain through the expression on the cat’s face. Consulting with a vet is always the best move as he knows best.

How to tell if a cat is in pain varies for every individual cat. Pain is always a manifestation of sickness. We do not want to see our beloved pets suffer, so it is best to act fast. Let your vet take care of it. Insist that it is an emergency, as it could really be one. Regardless of how severe the condition is, pets should be given pain killers to somehow ease their suffering.


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