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How to Tell if a Cat is Pregnant

How to Tell if a Cat is Pregnant

Female cats are very fertile, and when they are in heat, male cats will not let them pass without mating if there are possibilities. It’s obvious how to tell if a cat is pregnant in its third week of pregnancy.  After that, you’ll only need to wait for six more weeks and you’ll have more kittens to take care of. The cat’s pregnancy cycle lasts around nine weeks. You should be able to detect your cat’s pregnancy earlier by checking for the following symptoms or changes in your cat:

  1. If your cat starts to get quiet despite making some loud noises when it’s in heat every two weeks, chances are she’s already gotten pregnant from roaming around your neighbor’s property. Cats can easily find a mate just by creating some signals. It will really find a way to expose itself to the male cat if it is in heat.

  2. It suddenly becomes very sensitive, especially in the nipples area that seem to become red and inflamed. Sleeping and staying alone in the dark will be its favorite pastime rather than playing with you or with other cats.


  3. You’ll notice that the cat food supplies for a week have already run out by the fifth day or earlier. It’s because the pregnant cat is eating more to nourish its unborn kittens. It will need more nutrition also to replenish what it lost during the process.

  4. If your cat is vomiting once in a while, it’s their way of getting rid of what made them sick. This can also be a sign of pregnancy. But if it becomes heavy and very frequent, take the cat in for a clinical test. It may be suffering from something more serious.

  5. In the first quarter, the cat will just look fat, but a lump of some sort will start to become obvious as time progresses. It will move slower than ever and seem to become a lazy cat contrary to the cat you used to know.

  6. Although your cat becomes a loner when pregnant, there are times that it will constantly ask for your attention by directly asking for more food or just want to be close to you. Stroke it gently when this happens. It may be feeling the strange changes in its body and does not have any idea what to do about it.

  7. If your cat seems to be busy in exploring different places within your household, it is intending to find a safe and comfortable place for its future offspring. Normal cats are very responsible animals, and they take care of their young very well.

  8. A cat’s clinical pregnancy test includes an ultrasound for early detection, abdomen palpation, or the method of carefully pressing the stomach of the cat to feel some developments and measuring the rapid heartbeats. Abdomen palpation is effective after the third week of pregnancy. Heartbeats can be measured by feeling its pulse using a timer.

How to tell if a cat is pregnant is something that most cat owners can be worried about especially when there’s no intention to breed the cat whatsoever. It’s even a disaster when pregnancy occurs when you are just about to spay your cat. If you really don’t want additional kittens, you can pay more for an abortion. Your vet can do this procedure right away before spaying your cat. Cats normally have multiple births, so be ready for it if you decide to continue your cat’s pregnancy. Perhaps it’s time to look for new homes for some of them.


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