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How to Tell if a Dog is in Pain

How to Tell if a Dog is in Pain

It is not easy how to tell if a dog is in pain as they cannot talk to us. Dogs have a tendency to hide pain from their masters when it is still bearable and tolerable.  Obviously it doesn’t want to be a disappointment to you, because the dog regards you as friend and master. Do not let it get away with this as this could be a big risk to its health. Always be on the lookout of its real condition and follow these helpful tips:

  1. The first sign of pain is loss of appetite. Observe its feeding habits. If suddenly it consumes less food, even if you give its favorite food, this could be a symptom that it is in pain. A dog cannot force itself to eat just to cover up its pain. Try to physically examine the dog yourself and refer to a veterinarian when you find something unusual.

  2. When suddenly your active dog becomes too lazy or weak to get up, do not ignore this change. Find out what is causing the sudden change in its movements. Look for signs or clues on what is really causing this change of attitude.


  3. Do not guess on dog medication. If you give the wrong medicine to a dog, it might be more detrimental to its health. What is good for a human being may not give the same results for dogs. It is best to consult a veterinarian who has the expertise with treating and caring for dogs. When your vet analyzes your dog’s condition, provide the vet with information based on your observations.

  4. When your dog is barking more often than usual, this is also a possible sign that it is physically in pain.  Treat this as an unusual circumstance and don’t just command it to stop barking.  Get into the real root of its problem. Barking is a sign of anxiety and it may be caused by pain. Again, if the cause of the pain is not visible, then consult the veterinarian for proper diagnosis.

  5. Aging dogs tend to manifest all of the above indicators of pain.  Arthritis is the most common cause. Terminal illnesses are also possible. All you can do is make it less painful for your pet dog by giving it pain killers and your tender loving care. Some prefer putting their dogs to sleep for good rather than seeing them suffer. The vet can administer the shot so it won’t be very traumatic for you and your loved ones who are very fond of your pet.

As we have a tendency to become attached to our pets, seeing them in pain can also cause us pain and anxiety. Some people even have a tendency to become closer to their pet dogs than to their other human companions. This is why we should know how to tell if a dog is in pain.  Seeing the first signs can save their lives.


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