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how to tell if a guy really likes you

how to tell if a guy really likes you

Sometimes, you may be quite certain that a guy has a crush on you, which is actually an ego booster. Suddenly, you find out that he is asking another girl out, which is a bit humiliating when you have already expressed your opinion to others. If you have been sensing somebody’s interest, perhaps it will not hurt learning some techniques on how to tell if a guy really likes you. Save yourself from embarrassment and read through:

  1. If he is not too worried that you will know about his interest, he will tell a close friend or disclose it directly to your mutual friends. He may just be curious about you, but when the inquiry or comment becomes specific, such as asking if you already have a boyfriend, there’s a big chance that he is interested in you and trying his best to let you know about it.

  2. A look can be very meaningful, especially when it lingers. He may be shy at first, but when he starts to make gestures to catch your eyes, he really wants to at least make you aware of his presence.


  3. Good guys do not want to interfere with existing love relationships. If there are clear indications that the guy in question is making moves to find out if you are attached or not, he is surely interested in you. There are men who have the guts to ask you directly, but the majority are afraid of rejection, so they will channel it through other people who know you well.

  4. The guy seems to be going to the same places you frequent. This is because he is being observant of your routine or he is researching where to find you during leisure hours. Don’t make it hard on the guy if you also like him. Once he bumps into you for instance, pause for a while to give him the chance to state his case. This might be the beginning of a wonderful friendship.

  5. A relationship can be developed just by initially liking someone – but there must be strong feelings involved to lead to a more intimate level. Do not make assumptions during the early stages because the guy can change his mind when he gets to know more about you. If there are areas in your life that you are not confident about, try focusing on making improvements. This will make him appreciate you more.

When you are really serious on how to tell if a guy really likes you – be aware of how he pursues you. Is he taking it lightly or aggressively? Is he building a good foundation for the development of a solid relationship? If not, refrain from wasting time to accommodate an unwanted suitor and in giving false hopes. You will also save him from losing face if you are sure and honest with your feelings right from the very beginning.


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