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how to tell if a woman is pregnant

how to tell if a woman is pregnant

There are many indications of how to tell if a woman is pregnant even during the earliest stages of her pregnancy. While there are women who seem to be proud of their pregnancy, there are also a number of women who prefer to keep the news to themselves, especially those who are not yet ready to accept the reality of being burdened with a baby. Remember, however, that pregnancy symptoms can vary from one woman to another depending on the level of hormonal changes experienced. It is true that having a newborn can really bring great changes in a woman’s life. A baby can bring new meaning to a couple who carefully planned to have a child, but it may pose a challenge to a woman who is not financially ready to bear the responsibility of raising a child. Here are some tips that can help you tell if a woman is pregnant.

  1. Observe if she experiences frequent headaches, dizziness and morning sickness. Headaches happen because of the significant changes in her blood volume and in her hormonal level. Nausea or morning sickness is also very common especially during the earlier stage of pregnancy.

    The occurrence of nausea is due to the very low sugar level in the early morning. Nausea can also lead to occasional vomiting.

    Sometimes, dizziness can make a woman feel very weak. Because of the changes happening in her body, she will have a hard time climbing up the stairs. She may also find it very uncomfortable standing for longer periods because her uterus starts to swell.

  2. Notice if she experiences constipation. This symptom is very common during the earlier stage of pregnancy. The earliest period that constipation can happen is during the third week. This is because of the production of hormones for the fetus, which can slow down the digestion process of the body. In effect, constipation happens. Eating more fiber is the quickest solution for this condition.

  3. Notice if she uses the bathroom frequently. Aside from vomiting from time to time, a pregnant woman will likely be in the bathroom due to the pressure in her bladder. Frequent urination happens because the kidney is working a little harder in order to flush out fluids from the body. This particular pregnancy symptom is very prominent after a week of pregnancy, although its occurrences may lessen during the last weeks of conception.

  4. Notice if she has a fuller stomach. A pregnant woman will normally gain weight and she will begin to bloat up slowly. This is due to of the increase of the hormone progesterone, which will slow down her digestive process. Other than a slower digestive process, notice also that she will be eating more often. When her stomach starts to develop, she will likely be wearing bigger clothes.

  5. Observe her emotional changes. More often than not, pregnant woman will likely experience what are called mood swing. Medically speaking, the emotional changes occurring during pregnancy are still attributable to the hormonal changes happening in the body.

  6. Check changes in the breast area. This is not hard to notice. Just try to observe if her breasts become tender and extremely sensitive to the extent that a slightest touch is already painful. Although you cannot possibly see if her nipples are darker, her breasts size will become fuller, especially on the third and fourth weeks of pregnancy.

  7. She will develop an interest in salty and sweet foods. This pregnancy symptom called food craving manifests when she starts to look for chocolates or salty foods. In addition, you will notice that she will prefer to eat more carbs because her body is working to counteract any level of fatigue.

  8. Notice is she starts to avoid alcohol and other scents. A pregnant woman does not like to drink alcohol and she hates smoking too. Likely, she will be very responsive to scents and food aromas. Take note if scents she used to admire are no longer appealing to her. When she becomes very hypersensitive, even the slightest smell of a disagreeable scent could make her feel very dizzy.

The main benefit of knowing how to tell if a woman is pregnant is that you will gain a better understanding of the changes in her mood and attitude. If you notice these signs, you should advise her to see a doctor for proper medical guidance. In that way, the baby can follow a healthy developmental path.


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