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how to tell if someone loves you

how to tell if someone loves you

You may be tired already of having a trial-and-error sort of relationship, and this time you want to make sure that the guy really loves you before you give in. How to tell if someone loves you to save yourself from heartaches? It’s not impossible to do that as long as you are observant enough. Notice the following instances, and if the majority seems to happen to you, you are probably onto a lasting relationship:

  1. The guy will not hesitate to remove anything that does belong in your face. He will notice that you have a plank in your eye. He will gently wipe it away with a clean tissue, and he will like it that you are comfortable with his gestures like in a family.

  2. You will know better that you are loved by someone when you are down with sickness. He will not mind doing some dirty work just to take care of you. He will even go out of his way to be there for you when you are at your most hopeless state. You do not have to be in good shape for him to stay.

  3. Someone who will tell you honestly that you’ve gone overboard on something and yet remains at your side is the one who really loves you.

    e will not please you at all times but will save you from greater problems later on. He will embrace your faults and achievements just the same, but it does not mean that he will consent to your wrong actions.

  4. You feel comfortable in every situation that you both are in. It could be dressing up for a social party or just hanging out indoors doing nothing during the winter. He will enjoy your company even if you can just hear the two of you talking and nothing else. Sometimes you don’t even have to talk at all. It’s not a waste of time for him as long as you are beside him. Beware of whiners.

  5. He will be happy when you are even if he does not want it for your relationship. You may have to move overseas for the promotion that you’ve been working hard for, but he will remain faithful despite the distance and circumstances.

  6. The guy is really into you when he sacrifices his preferences to make you happy, and he’s still able to enjoy your wishes as long as he’s sharing it with you. He will remember all the things that you like and will make it a point to offer them to you when you least expect them. He likes to give you favors without asking or expecting anything in return. It’s enough for him to see you delighted with his surprises.

  7. Your welfare is his biggest consideration when deciding on things to nourish your relationship. He will be so selfless without losing his dignity. In fact, you will respect him more because of his genuine care for you.

How to tell if someone loves you is not an impossible task. You just have to attract the right people to be able to do the screening. If you find it difficult to meet guys, go with a trusted crowd or join associations for worthy causes. You will be able to help other people and, at the same time, be exposed to the opposite sex. This will also add to your self-worth, not just in the eyes of the people that you are serving, but also to the future love of your life.


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