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How to tell if the guy is cheating

How to tell if the guy is cheating

It’s not a guarantee that even if you are sexy and beautiful like a supermodel that your guy will not stray. Even if you have all the characteristics of an ideal mate both inside and outside, you have no control over your cheating partner. How to tell if the guy is cheating is essential to keep your sanity. It is better to know the truth than to be suspicious all your life. It is proper, however, to examine the indications that made you think that he is cheating before confronting him. Here are some telltale signs:

  1. He becomes a very private person when it comes to his communication equipment. You are accused of being disrespectful when you happen to answer his phone while he’s in the shower. He will also make a big deal if you read his messages over the Internet or cell phone texts. He may even buy another cell phone without telling you the number because it’s allegedly for work purposes.

  2. You’ve noticed a big change in his physical appearance even in his private parts.

    will be off shopping without asking you to go with him and come home with a new set of clothing including sexy underwear. He may bluff you by saying “it’s for your eyes only” while forgetting that you know he never likes to wear underwear in bed. Some women may let this pass thinking that their man is going through a mid-life crisis.

  3. He starts being a health buff blaming sports and gym activities to be the reason for his prolonged absence or emergency trips to far-away places without you being a part of it. He is now very conscious about his body like he never was before. Wrinkles, gray hair, and pimples will already make his day bad. He will readily spend more for grooming purposes.

  4. Your familiarity with your spouse cannot deny the fact that there’s a difference on how he smells before going to work and after coming home. You can sense that he is refreshed somehow, and his scent is obviously not common. It’s more alarming if he has traces of another woman’s perfume.

  5. His mood is unpredictable. Sometimes he’s very excited and relaxed and other times he’s agitated and indifferent towards you. When he’s in a good mood, it is usually when he’s scheduled to go somewhere or just came back from a questionable appointment. He’s the opposite when he spends more time at home and seems to be fighting with someone on the phone.

  6. He has some doubts regarding your faithfulness to him and accuses you of infidelity with just any other guy he sees with you. This is a manifestation of his guilt that if he can do it, why can’t you? Whatever you say about your whereabouts will be given baseless meanings. This is a clear attempt to divert the issue from him to you. You do not have to explain any further. Find a good opportunity to sit down and talk.

It’s obvious how to tell if a guy is cheating even if your sex life does not deteriorate. It’s like you don’t know your partner anymore. He has different priorities, likes, and plans, and you are not in them anymore. This may just be a temporary thing but, even so, this must not be tolerated. Be ready to confront and forgive if you still want to keep your partner. One thing is for sure, this will not be easy for you if you are too emotional about it. Be kind to yourself.


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