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how to tell if you are in love with someone

how to tell if you are in love with someone

Is jealousy a measure of love? If love does not envy - then if you are jealous when your man is captivated with other women, you are more in love with yourself than with him. How to tell if you are in love with someone? You basically become selfless because love is sacrifice. Before we get lost under the many definitions of love, let’s examine the following situations that can determine your deep affections for that special person:

  1. You feel what your partner is feeling. If you see your loved one happy, you will be feeling very fulfilled with your relationship and life in general. You are worried when he is and will gladly join his moments of sadness.

  2. You can tolerate displays of affection in public. Oftentimes, you don’t even realize that you are doing it in public areas because your attention is focused on him only – like there are only two people in the world. Savor these gestures because they can fade as time progresses. These are just the manifestations of passionate love when the hormones are active.

    u’ll see more gentle versions of these actions in old people in love.

  3. Your partner doesn’t have to be on his best behavior to be loved by you. You might get irritated by his imperfections, but you cannot stay away from him. He’s like one of your family members that will remain a part of your life no matter what. You can forgive and forget his mistakes as long as he remains by your side.

  4. You share everything with him. You want him to know every detail of your schedule and the contents of your mind and heart. You are truly transparent when you are in love.

  5. You are longing to be in touch with him as often as possible. You are looking forward to letting him know what transpired during the day. Sometimes, talking is not even necessary as long as he is around you. You will find excitement in your heart when in his presence.

  6. When you are willing to make sacrifices for a person, you are definitely in love. This is the ultimate measure of this very intense feeling. You only wish the best for him and can never do anything that will harm him – or make him sad. You will be the first one to be on his side when he’s engulfed with misfortune.

How to tell if you are in love with someone is not complicated at all. All gestures of love can be traced back to self-sacrifice, but that does not mean that a person in love will be miserable because of this. It’s like feeling real happiness when you show acts of kindness. It’s true that all we need is love to make this world a better place.


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