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How to Tell if Your Chihuahua is Pregnant

How to Tell if Your Chihuahua is Pregnant

To learn how to tell if your Chihuahua is pregnant, you should take various factors into consideration. For medical reasons, and for your own convenience, visiting a veterinarian for a medical examination is the best thing to do. Otherwise, you should know what physical changes to monitor in the dog, and should be able to determine when it is engaged in unusual behavior or activities. Consider the following details:

  1. Study the probable signs of a dog’s pregnancy. Pet owners who love breeding are keen to know when the dog is pregnant. There are many ways to do this -you can browse the Internet or gather some information from canine pregnancy books. These sources will also include teachings on how to deal with the delicate condition of a pregnant Chihuahua.

  2. Go back to your calendar record of the dog’s breeding week. If you had planned for your dog’s pregnancy, it will not be that hard to tell if a puppy is on the way. It is also essential to observe the dog’s behavior after the mating period.

    your dog suddenly becomes a loner and is happy sleeping the whole day in one corner, you might see a bulge on its abdomen four weeks after the mating period.

  3. Evaluate the dog’s strange behavior. Once a Chihuahua is pregnant, it shows typical pregnancy behavior traits: It sleeps in a dark corner and becomes inactive. You will also notice changes in its temperament: It becomes hard to please. These are the effects of the changes happening in its bodily systems. You can also feel clearly that it has a harder tummy than normal. Monitor its potty time and if you notice that it pees more often than usual, schedule it for a veterinarian checkup – it is a possible sign of uterus enlargement due to pregnancy.

  4. Examine it for unusual activities. A pregnant Chihuahua may not have a good appetite during the first 7 days of pregnancy. It may sleep often rather than eating. This is due to its body’s hormonal changes. You can also check its nipples. A pregnant dog has larger nipples than normal. For accuracy with this sign, measure the dog’s nipples before breeding and then compare these measurements to their size four weeks later to see if the dog is already carrying the unborn puppies.

  5. Take the dog to a veterinarian for further medical examination. A veterinarian will conduct several tests before declaring that your dog is pregnant. At first, the vet will conduct a reproduction check which will cost you up to $30. The Relaxin test may be performed. For this test, a substance is mixed with the dog’s blood to see how it reacts. A positive reaction confirms the dog’s pregnancy. Another examination involves using a stethoscope to listen to the soft sounds of the puppies’ heartbeats when the dog is 25 days pregnant. If the Chihuahua is 28 days pregnant, the vet will gently press its abdomen and feel for the palpitations of the puppies. When the Chihuahua is 6 weeks pregnant, the vet will recommend an x-ray procedure to determine the skeletal formation of the puppies inside its tummy.

In general, it is most accurate to get the confirmation of a veterinarian that the dog is indeed pregnant. At least you can also get access to some professional recommendations for taking proper care of your pregnant Chihuahua. However, if you are confident that you know how to tell if your Chihuahua is pregnant, just save the money for the pregnancy test and use it to help pay for the caesarian operation should your dog need one.


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