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how to tell if your husband is cheating on you

how to tell if your husband is cheating on you

Merely suspecting that your partner is doing something undesirable is not enough; you have to utilize a number of factors on how to tell if your husband is cheating on you, so you can verify your suspicion. Rather than keeping yourself in the dark, bravely face your fears. The truth can be very painful, but at least you are able to provide valid answers for yourself. You have been married for so many years and everything seems to be okay. Never did you expect that one day warning signs would indicate that your husband is involved in an affair. You keep on asking yourself if your husband is cheating on you. If you can’t sleep without thinking about his unfaithfulness, help yourself find some of the tell-tale signs reflecting his betrayal. Below are signs that can enable you to catch your cheater husband.

  1. Observe his work habits. If he takes overtime hours during weekdays, and he tells you that he is catching up on a particular report, that indicates he is a hard-working husband. However, if he chooses to work on weekends rather than spending time with your family, this should mean something to you.

    If he has a number of out-of-town seminars and conventions or tells you not to see him at the office without advanced warning, you should think twice.

  2. Observe his physical appearance. If he goes to the gym after work, he is simply a wellness enthusiast. However, if he exercises for the sake of shaping his body and he buys a new set of underwear that fits well, there is a possibility that he is flirting around. If he is too concerned about his looks and puts on his favorite cologne all the time, even when going out with your common friends, recall if these are the things that he used to do when you were just starting as a couple. If not, then he might be dating someone out there.

  3. Observe his intimacy towards you. If he is a faithful husband, there is no reason why he should stop kissing you before and after work. Stay affectionate to him, and if he accepts it and gives you a positive response, there is no reason to worry at all. However, if he makes excuses not to make love to you or tells you ahead that he has an important business trip falling on the date of your wedding anniversary; he must be having an illicit affair with someone else.

  4. Observe his phone behavior. The most common indication that a husband is cheating is when he starts to hide his cell phone or warns everyone in the house not to open it without his permission. Offer to pay his cell phone bills covering the previous month; if he refuses your gesture, it is either because he is afraid that you’ll notice his unexplainable charges or he is just trying to please you.

    Notice if there are strange phone calls for him late at night. If you ask him who was on the other line, and he says wrong number or he suddenly drops the phone, such behavior indicates he is hiding something fishy.

  5. Check on his finances. Try to find out his credit card expenses. Unusual charges include flower delivery, consistent dinner bills, jewelry, out-of-town trips, hotel accommodations, and clothes. Recall if these expenses were incurred for you or for the family. If not, then your husband must be dating someone else in an expensive way.

Being cheated on is not only painful, but can also lead to the deterioration of your self-esteem. Find a trusted friend and pour out your emotions. If you notice that your condition becomes a little unbearable and overwhelming, it is highly recommended that you seek professional help.  This can greatly help heal your wounds. It is only a matter of being pro-active. While you cannot control what your husband is doing, you can control your responses and actions. Rather than engaging the services of a private investigator, just go back to the tips discussed above on how to tell if your husband is cheating on you and eventually confirm whether or not your suspicion is correct. It is not advisable to barge around without concrete proof. If you do, you are just putting yourself in a bad situation. No matter how difficult it is to openly confront your philandering husband, you still have to plan your next move. If you don’t have enough evidence, take time to search for more until you reach a definite conclusion.


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