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how to tell if your spouse is cheating

how to tell if your spouse is cheating

Women have strong gut feelings when their spouse is cheating, but oftentimes they get neutralized by the brain. Evidence is also needed when the straying spouse keeps on denying the infidelity even if the signs are already very obvious. How to tell if your spouse is cheating is quite easy. You won’t need a detective to check on his whereabouts when he is out of sight. Just do not be too emotional because it can stain the clarity of the indicators. Watch out for the following gestures:

  1. Deep feelings of togetherness cannot easily be taken away by having an affair. Of course, your spouse will still be in love with you. The problem is he or she is not passionately in love with you anymore. The confusion caused by the intensity of emotions for the forbidden relationship is now affecting the senses of the cheating spouse and driving him or her to a state of confusion.

  2. When your time together with your spouse is spent with this so-called friend, chances are your spouse would rather go home with the other person than with you.

    You should be worried when your spouse is disclosing sensitive personal matters to this friend and not to you as the other half. There’s definitely a concrete reason why you should sit down together and talk this through.

  3. At one point, you’ve found out that he’s now keeping a private number, hiding credit card bills, and changing passwords on his email accounts. He will be very furious when you try to get hold of them. All the bad accusations of being so controlling or not respecting his or her privacy will be thrown at you. This is indeed a big sign.

  4. The cheating spouse will suddenly have questionable long-distance trips and be away for a while from the family. Excuses will not make sense like wanting to have some space to think about things. This is clearly a way to be together with the other person.

  5. You will feel like you can’t keep track of your spouse’s schedule anymore because they change it constantly. You will be too naïve if you do not suspect your spouse of cheating when this occurs.

  6. Cheating is not necessarily with another person. The spouse may still be at home as per the regular habits but is spending most of the free time online. He or she may be chatting with other people intimately, watching pornographic visuals, and registering accounts on dating sites.

  7. When your spouse has to move away from you when answering a phone call, there is something fishy there. If you notice that the messages or history in his or her cell phone are always cleared contrary to the normal habits, there are things that are definitely hidden from you. When the reaction is too defensive when questioned, cheating is surely in the air.

  8. Strange attitudes are detected that lead to lying when confronted. Some clothes can’t be found anymore. Overspending for unknown items is piling up. Coming across with receipts but minus the items bought. These are just some of the possible, unexplainable events when the spouse is cheating.

Some people tend to justify the actions of their cheating spouse just to cover up the pain felt. Still believing that the spouse can never cheat despite the signs and evidence can result in a more serious condition. Depression will just be right around the corner when you finally get the admittance that your spouse is cheating. How to tell if your spouse is cheating is not that complicated. The spouse who used to telling you sweet nothings has turned around to be the biggest liar you’ve ever met in your life.


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