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how to tell if your wife is cheating

how to tell if your wife is cheating

Straying husbands are very popular in society but how about cheating wives? This must be a nightmare for any man but most especially to those who are so particular about their image. How to tell if your wife is cheating must not be ignored. The marriage can still be saved if your wife has not fallen in love with somebody else and you are willing to put this behind you. However, it’s better to go your separate ways when you are both not happy anymore together. Watch out for the following signals:

  1. If you feel like your wife is now distant to you, you may be right. Infidelity can make the cheater change for the worst as far as the spouse is concerned. She suddenly likes to be doing things her way. She becomes outgoing and is sleeping over at friend’s house often when it’s too late to go home. She seems to be away also when you are on a business trip instead of taking care of the house and children if you have children.

  2. She does not count on you anymore for companionship. She is definitely having fun with the company of others and prefers not to have you with her during social gatherings.

    e hates to be seen in public with you and avoids public display of affection. You can even feel that she does not need you as much as before. This can only be possible if she has found another option for her emotional needs.

  3. She can’t be bothered anymore if you can’t spare time to go out with her. You won’t hear her asking about your activities outside of the house anymore. Sometimes you are in doubt if she still cares for you. Instead of being excited about your coming home, she seems more interested to know when you’re going away again. You’re just like temporary roommates that have different daily life agendas.

  4. She seems to be hiding things from you to cause you to become suspicious. When this drives you to check here mobile phone for some relevant information, it’s a big sign that you are already affected by her being secretive. This is not normal anymore, and you owe it to yourself to confront her for your peace of mind. You have to be calm in doing this, though, so that she’ll open up to you in no time.

  5. She’s making an effort not to discuss things about her life. The constant changing of topics happens in most discussions with her. Your questions about her day will be turned to yours in an instant. This way she does not have to find alibis about her affairs. You will probably like this if you always want to be the center of attention, but if you still care for her deeply, you will feel the fear inside her.

  6. She is too generous when servicing you with your needs that it makes you feel uncomfortable because it’s like she’s bribing you for something unknown. You can’t help thinking that this may be her way of covering up for her wrongdoings. If she’s indeed hiding painful realities, the more you deserve to know about it as her husband. That alone can make you feel cheated.

There are sure clues for how to tell if your wife is cheating.  You just have to pay attention to them to know more without creating a scene. It will not do you any good if you are too angry. Be diplomatic to come to terms with the real problem. Perhaps the infidelity is the result of your being busy with work all the time. Give her the chance to explain and decide from there.


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