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How to Tell the Breed of a Dog

How to Tell the Breed of a Dog

Dog breeds can be identified through their distinctive physical traits. DNA testing will not be necessary if you want to know how to tell the breed of a dog. Just remember the differences of each breed, mainly in regards to their appearances. Other dog breeds can also be distinguished based on their personalities. Read on to discover other factors that will help you tell the breeds apart:

  1. Look at the dog’s build. If it has a long body with short legs, it is a Dachshund; if the dog is 22 inches tall or more - it is surely a German shepherd. Take note however that a female German shepherd’s height is a little less than its male counterpart. Nevertheless, they look similar as far as body structure is concerned, so you should be able to identify them despite the slight differences in height.

  2. The shape of the head and the face are also main factors in determining a dog’s breed. A plucky face belongs to a pug. A dog that looks like a fox with a pointed face is called a Spitz. The Bulldog is famous for its flat face and layers of skin around its neck, whereas the Pit Bull has a squared jaw with a triangular skull.

    xed breeds may have elongated ears and more striking eyes or somewhat different noses than the rest of their kind.

  3. Notice the length and quality of the dog’s hair. You can’t miss a poodle’s curly hair; take note, it’s hypo-allergenic. Silky and fine coats normally belong to Terrier or Spitz breeds. Boxers and Labrador. Labradors are typically short-haired dogs. Some have various shades and others have shaggy or wavy hair. On the other hand, a Shih Tzu is a long-haired breed.

  4. The tail can also be a dog’s trademark. Terriers have feathery and free flowing tails. Short-tailed dogs include the Cattle breed. Thin and straight tails resemble that of a Dalmatian’s. Whether it’s plumed, wiry or a no-hair tail, it has a story to tell; no doubt the genetic line is a big part of the story. Learn to scrutinize the details of its texture, lush and other traits that are obvious in a specific breed.

  5. House dogs may look different from each other, but they have a few common characteristics – like their ferocious temperaments and their psychological tendencies. House dogs are preferred to be friendly, playful but relaxed. Shih Tzu breeds are ideal house pets, especially when there are children around. Be aware that dogs have various energy levels, depending on their breed.

The key to learning how to tell the breed of a dog is in knowing what trait belongs to what breed. It will help a lot if you take some time to familiarize yourself with these characteristics and match them with the appropriate breed. Reading this article will give you a good head start, but further research will be needed if the feature that you are looking for is not included in this document. It’s somewhat irresponsible for a dog owner not to know the breed of his or her own dog. There are breeds that are prone to various diseases, and you can only give the best care to your dog when you know what you’re dealing with in regards to the breed’s health. Don’t waste time; it’s time to determine your dog’s breed.


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