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how to tell when a guy likes you

how to tell when a guy likes you

Do you know how to tell when a guy likes you? There are key factors you should take notice of before you can conclude that a guy is falling for you. If you like the guy in return, then you can probably pretend not to notice his gestures so he will pursue you more. If you don’t like him, then you should employ some techniques to discourage his attention. For sure, you would not want to hurt him by giving him false hopes. Read on below to learn more of the common indications.

  1. He is trying to befriend you. One of the most noticeable indications that a guy seems to like you is when he starts to befriend you, including your friends. It is like he is establishing a connection between the two of you. As a tactic to know you better, he will befriend someone close to you and get information about you. If he doesn’t mind your presence, that’s his way of letting you notice that he is around.

  2. He is concerned about you. Drop a book or something, and he’ll quickly get it for you.

    ear like you are having a terrible headache or feeling sick, and he’ll ask what he can do to help you. Look worried, and he’ll inquire what’s wrong. Miss a ride, and he’ll offer you one or accompany you until you get home. These gestures imply that he cares for you.

  3. He calls you too often. When you are already friends, he’ll get your number. At home, he’ll call you from time to time just for nothing. You can talk about anything over the phone until you notice hours have passed.

  4. He sends you ordinary notes. It must be getting a little intimate by this point. When you get to the office, there is a note over your table saying “Good morning Ms. Beautiful” with a smiley at the end. Or at school, there must be a post-it note telling you sweet words like “Seeing you today makes everything complete.”

  5. He makes you laugh. When you are sad, he must be sad too. Once he tries to make you laugh by cracking a joke, he wants to see you smile. He hates seeing you lonely. Not all men have a good sense of humor, but if he makes you laugh out loud, you might as well consider him a potential boyfriend. If he is not rude to you, it is because he knows that you are not comfortable with bad-mannered people.

  6. He introduces you to his friends. If he asks you to meet his friends, that simply means he likes you. It is a matter of telling his friends that “Hey, I’ve got a date tonight and she's awesome!” Feels good? Not really. If you are not the type who feels better after being introduced to a crowd, then you might get offended. But, if you find that he is sincere with his intention, you might as well appreciate his gesture.

  7. He invites you on special occasions. It's his birthday and you are his special guest, isn’t that thrilling? During Valentine’s Day, he takes you out on a date or sends you a bunch of flowers with chocolates. All these must be telling you that he is falling for you.

You should know how to tell when a guy likes you so you can plan your moves in return. You can choose to keep him as a friend or avoid him totally. If you are attracted to him, then you shouldn’t be wasting your chance, or else you’ll lose him for good. It is nice to know there is a guy out there who likes you so much, and the feeling becomes more beautiful if that guy is the one you have been waiting for.


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