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how to test estrogen levels

how to test estrogen levels

When there is a good reason to test for estrogen, it is also best to know how to test estrogen levels effectively. In most countries, testing for estrogen levels can only be done in medical laboratories licensed to perform this and other tests. The analysis of results is printed out and diagnosis is done by the patient’s doctor. In the US and other developed countries, a more convenient option is available: that is, home testing using a sample collection kit. Here’s how both procedures work. For laboratory testing:

  1. Consult with a doctor, preferably an obstetrician gynecologist, about having yourself tested for estrogen levels. Based on the date of your last period, the doctor will tell you the best day to go in for the test. If your monthly period is not regular, the doctor may prescribe progesterone supplements to bring on your period and the test will be scheduled from there. The doctor will also provide you with a prescription to show to the laboratory staff.

  2. When you get your period, inform your doctor, who will then advise you on the best day to get the test.

    his is usually set on the third day of your period. Schedule an appointment with the laboratory for that date.

  3. At the appointed date, go to the laboratory, show the doctor’s prescription and submit to the test. You may be asked to return for a later date to get the result, or you may be able to arrange for it to be sent to your address.

  4. When the result is in, show it to your doctor.

For self-test:
  1. Estrogen test kits are readily available online. You can order one and have it delivered to your home. Choose the vendor wisely; make sure it is a reputable firm. Two kinds are available, one that requires a blood prick and another that requires only your saliva. Choose which one you prefer and order it (both are equally accurate).

  2. When your kit arrives, read the instructions carefully and do as it says. If you ordered a kit that requires a blood sample, your kit will contain a prick with which to get blood from your finger. Squeeze some of the blood into the vial included in the kit. If your kit requires a saliva sample, swab the inside of your mouth with the cotton pad or bud included in the kit and put it in the container provided. Seal the vial or the container.

  3. Put the vial or container with the sample into the mailer provided in the kit and send it back to the lab. Wait for the samples to be analyzed and the results sent back to you.

  4. Check the results of your test. Typically, the results show your estrogen level and the normal levels of individuals of your gender and age group. Some lab results will contain information about the implications of high or low levels of estrogen in your body.

  5. If the results show that your estrogen level is either high or low, consult your physician immediately. Abnormal levels could have serious health implications, so it is always best to deal with it swiftly.

Monitoring estrogen levels can help people in various ways. It could help a woman monitor her course towards menopause. It could help a couple monitor their best chances at conception. It could help people of either gender check the effectiveness of hormone medications. Monitoring estrogen levels can also be important for early detection of pregnancy or medical problems both in women and men. Hence, it pays to know how to test estrogen levels.


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