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how to test for asthma

how to test for asthma

Asthma occurs due to the inflammation of the airways. This disorder is characterized by persistent symptoms, bronchospasm and reversible airflow obstruction. Common symptoms of asthma include chest tightness, shortness of breath, coughing and wheezing. Determining the existence of this disorder is necessary so that appropriate medications can be administered. Many individuals are interested in learning how to test for asthma since this illness, if not remedied immediately, can lead to serious complications. Asthma may be caused by genetic factors or/and environmental factors. The recurrence of its symptoms can be prevented by staying away from a number of triggering factors like irritants and allergens, and by breathing in corticosteroids or leukotriene antagonists. Before any serious complication can set in, let us study several health tips in testing for asthma.

  1. Submit for medical assessments. Before you may be ordered to undergo physical exams and other laboratory tests, your doctor will assess your overall condition based on your medical history.

    As soon as you inform your doctor of the symptoms you have been experiencing, he or she will have a clue whether you are affected by asthma or by something else.

    Disclose any relevant information like previous exposure to chemical fumes, tobacco smoke, airborne irritants, dust, the use of medication or the presence of pets at home.

  2. Submit for physical exams. According to mayoclinic.com, the doctor will check your upper airways, throat and nose since these are the body parts usually affected by asthma. Your breathing may be examined too using a stethoscope. If a loud and whistling-like sound is heard as you breathe out, that is a strong indication of asthma. Having hives and eczema also indicates asthma.

  3. Undergo a Spirometry Test. This is a kind of pulmonary function exam often used in confirming the existence or non-existence of asthma. It detects if the lungs are still functioning well. During the test, you will be asked to breathe in (inhale) and breathe out (exhale) into a tube connected to a spirometer machine. The machine will record the volume of air you exhaled and how swiftly you can breathe out air. If the key measurements are lower than the normal, especially for a person at your age that indicates you have narrowed airways.

    If it strongly appears that you have asthma, your doctor will likely require you to breathe in a kind of asthma drug, which will open the air passages. If there is improvement in your key measurements thereafter, indeed, you have asthma.

  4. Undergo an Exhaled Nitric Oxide Exam. This is to determine signs of inflammation in your airways. For the test, you will inhale into a small tube linked to a machine that measures your breathÂ’s volume of nitric oxide gas. This gas is normally produced by the body as you breathe. If the level of nitric oxide gas is high, that indicates inflammation in your airways, which is suggestive of asthma.

  5. Submit for an Allergy Test. Once it is established that you have asthma, your doctor may refer you to another doctor specializing in allergy cases. This is because a number of asthma cases recur due to allergic reactions in the airways. This test will help you determine the factors that can easily worsen or trigger asthma attacks. Once identified, you should easily avoid them.

In the event that any or some of the revealing symptoms are present, you should refer to the above-enumerated tips on how to test for asthma. When finally diagnosed, avoid being exposed to any and all of the triggering factors including pets, cigarette smoke and aspirin.


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