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how to test for dementia

how to test for dementia

Normal pressure hydrocephalus is a treatable condition leading to dementia the same as Vitamin B12 deficiency and chronic subdural hematoma. They must be ruled out first before doing reaching a diagnosis of dementia. Dementia testing cannot be done with only one visit to the doctor. Patient interviews and physical examinations must also be facilitated making how to test for dementia very challenging. Depending on the findings from the initial diagnosis, a few or more tests will follow. Since the signs of memory loss are obvious with the patient, thorough assistance is needed from the caregiver. The following information about dementia testing is designed to guide caregivers on how to go through specific tests for the patient. This will aid them to know what to do and how to prepare in behalf of the patient. Here are the helpful steps:

  1. Research for dementia specialists in your area when you suspect that a loved one may be suffering from it. Call the clinic or hospital for an appointment. The doctor will observe the symptoms displayed by the patient by asking a lot of questions.

    More tests will follow to confirm the doctor’s suspicions.

  2. Cognitive and neuropsychological testing involving memory measure, mental ability checking, and language skills proficiency will be carried out to support the doctor’s earlier diagnosis and to know the degree of the condition. Since dementia is a progressive disease, it is important to know the stage of the disease before the doctor can decide on appropriate treatments.

  3. The doctor will recommend a brain scan test to study the brain’s visual X-ray results. Computed tomography scan, or CT scan, is a popular test along with an MRI, or magnetic resonance imaging. These tests must be performed to see irregularities in the physical aspects of the brain. A fracture of the skull or damage to brain tissues caused by accidents can cause dementia that is treatable.

  4. Metabolism evaluation in the brain can be carried out with the aid of SPECT, or single photon emission computed tomography, and PET, or positron emission tomography. If the dementia findings from previous tests are questionable, SPECT and PET must be performed on the patient to reach a sound conclusion.

  5. Psychiatric evaluation including extensive cognitive and general mental state tests will be done to figure out the presence of depression symptoms in association with dementia. The doctor’s prescriptions will be more effective when the root causes and related conditions are known.

Repetitive questions, being unfamiliar in your own territory, the inability to follow directions, being too forgetful, and losing track of the present time are some manifestations of dementia. The extremity of these symptoms will be too great to ignore. Living a normal life will not be possible anymore. Dependency on another individual will gradually increase until the patient is hopeless independently to do even the activities of daily living. How to test for dementia must be detailed.  There are cases that it can be corrected by dealing with the root cause of the disease. Multi-infarct and Alzheimer’s are permanent conditions. Though dementia caused by dehydration, high fever, and head injury is treatable, there is no time to waste when a person is exhibiting signs of dementia. Early treatment may put the dementia patient’s life back to normal again when lucky enough to have the treatable kind of disease. Alzheimer’s is said to be a hereditary disease, and there’s still no cure for it at this time. Managing the symptoms, however, is possible through maintenance drugs.


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