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How to Thread Eyebrows Yourself

How to Thread Eyebrows Yourself

Spread, overlapping, and long eyebrows are the main candidates for eyebrow shaping. Waxing is a good way to remove unwanted hairs and it costs a minimal amount. However, proper scheduling for eyebrow maintenance is strongly advised when going for waxing. Plucking is the most common option. It can be done in the privacy of your home, but it is time consuming because the hairs grow back quickly and have to be removed again and again. Threading is one of the best methods for removing unwanted hairs. This method can easily remove even the finest hair growth from the roots. It looks complicated, but once you master the process, you will no longer need to make visits to the salon for waxing. Learning how to thread eyebrows yourself requires a little patience and courage. Follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Look for a good quality thread in your sewing box. Durable thread is necessary for successful threading. Take about 24 inches of thread. Try this length out first and see if it works for your hand and finger size. If it is too long or too short, cut a longer piece of thread or make it shorter.

  2. Bring together both ends of the thread and tie them to create a circle. In the salon, experts usually put one end in the mouth to control it and secure the other end on the left hand. However, you cannot possibly do that at home if you want to thread your own eyebrows.

  3. Hold the circular thread using both hands. Open your hands and entwine the thread 10 times, twisting it in the middle. Stretch the thread a little bit to see if it resembles a “horizontal 8” shape or forms an “X” in between the entwined threads.

  4. Practice pushing the twisted portion of the thread using both hands. The upper portion of the thread must be controlled by four fingers. The thumb should control the lower portion of the thread. Try to push the twisted thread by extending the left thumb closer to the right thumb and vice versa. The four fingers on each hand should move upwards at the same time to pull the thread. Practice many times before trying it on your eyebrows. Testing it on the hairs on your legs or knees will give you a good sense of how you’re doing.

  5. Thread your eyebrow. Position the twisted thread on the area you want to remove hairs from. Move the twisted portion in the direction opposite that of the hair growth. (Running the thread in the direction of hair growth would give you a hard time and even make it impossible to capture the targeted hair.) Once the thread gets hold of the hair, pull it quickly to remove the hair.

  6. Place your hands in the correct positions when threading out the excess hairs between your eyebrows. Be gentle as you remove those hairs because the area is sensitive and the action may hurt your skin. Push and pull constantly to remove the tiniest hairs that the thread encounters.

Patience is the key to performing this task successfully. There’s no doubt that you will figure out the most comfortable way to do it as you go along. Once you learn how to thread eyebrows yourself, you will actually enjoy the grooming practice.


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